Eurovision 2018

#POLL: Do You Welcome Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan Eurovision Flag - Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia/EBU

Earlier on today, Kazakhstan was announced as one of the two debutants at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Minsk on Sunday 25th November. At this. moment in time, we don’t know if this participation was invitational or more of a permanent fixture going forward.

Back in 2011, Kosovo were invited to participate at the Eurovision Young Dancers via an invitation. Would you like to see other countries invited to take part in the Eurovision Family Events – Junior Eurovision, Young Musicians, Young Dancers and Choir of the Year? Let us know in the Comments below or via our Social Media feeds.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. They already take part as a European country when it comes to football World Cup Qualification etc. If they get into EBU, then why not? I can imagine they have a quite rich and diverse music scene actually. And might surely come up with something interesting, differentsounding and exotic in ESC. I wish them welcome personally, if they enter ESC.

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