Choir Of The Year

#CHOIR19: Gothenburg Announced As Host City


It has been announced that the Eurovision Choir Of The Year will take place in Gothenburg next year, as part of the European Choir Games once again. The venue will be the Scandinavium Arena, a firm favourite on the Melodifestivalen tour circuit, on Saturday 3rd August. It is currently unknown whether SVT or TV4 will be the host broadcaster, as they will be making their debut in 2019.

The European Broadcasting Union have set out some details surrounding next year’s Contest. Musical genre is completely free in choice for the choirs, who must have between 4 – 45 choir members. Choirs are to be selected by a televised final or by a committee formed by the participating broadcaster.

There will be a maximum of twelve participation slots – if more than twelve broadcasters wish to take part, the the Contest’s Steering Group will allocate the twelve slots. We currently know that Wales want to participate again, while Romania wish to debut too. One would assume a Swedish debut too due to the country hosting the Contest.

The EBU has set out a timeline for various deadlines. Broadcasters have until Sunday 30th September to show an expression of interest, followed by letters of commitment on Wednesday 31st October. Tuesday 15th January will be the latest date for the event confirmation – although we could see this earlier. Pre-production will start on Tuesday 15th January, before moving into the Scandinavium Arena on Wednesday 31st July.

The Contest took place for the first time in Riga last year, on Saturday 22nd July. Slovenia’s Carmen Manet took victory, followed by the choirs from Wales and Latvia in 2nd place and 3rd respectively.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: EBU and Eurovoix


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