Eurovision 2018

#ISRAEL – Tel Aviv won’t host Eurovision 2019


Nadav Guedj promised us in 2015 he’d show us Tel Aviv – but apparently not for Eurovision 2019!

According to Hebrew news portal, Tel Aviv is already out of the running to host Eurovision 2019, not even 24 hours after Netta’s victory in Lisbon.

Tel Aviv’s mayor Ron Huldai has apparently ruled out the city from hosting the next Eurovision Song Contest. But the question of where Israel will host may have already been answered. After Netta won last night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated her on Twitter, ending his message with “Next year in Jerusalem” – so it seems like some already have their minds made up!

If the contest does indeed return to Jerusalem, it seems unlikely that the International Convention Center Binyanei Hauma, which hosted the contest in both 1979 and 1999, will be used again. The contest’s expansion over the last 20 years means that 3,100 capacity venue is almost certainly too small for Europe’s favourite TV show – especially given that the Altice Arena held 20,000 on Saturday.

A spokesperson from the office of the Jerusalem Municipality has suggested both the  outdoor Teddy Soccer Stadium (with a capacity for 31,000) and the Jerusalem Pais Arena, which can hold 15,600 could be used as Eurovision venues. The Sammy Ofer Stadium in the northern city of Haifa has also been suggested, which could hold 30,870.

What do you think? Where would you like to see Israel host their 3rd Eurovision hosting?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan


Image Source: TabletMagazine


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  1. I think Jerusalem has already been unofficially decided. I don’t think any other city is seriously being considered. It was stated here in Israel “The eurovision refused to name Jerusalem when they called out the names of cities to report their votes( the only city not named. Israel was used instead), so instead eurovision will come to Jerusalem.”

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