Eurovision 2018

#POLL – Who has the best BEARD at Eurovision 2018?


Let’s face it, beards are great! And we’re not just saying that because all 5 of Eurovision Ireland’s Lisbon press team members have one!

As well as being a way for guys to look effortlessly sexy, there are also added health benefits – and people just take bearded men more seriously!

It’s little wonder then that several Eurovision 2018 artists are sporting beards. There are many to choose from (4 from Bulgaria alone – we couldn’t decide which one to pick in the end!) but here are just some of them for your to choose from. Who has the ultimate beard? Who’s facial hair makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

Have a look in our gallery and vote!

MOLDOVA – Sergiu Mîța (DoReDos)

Sergiu Mita

Source: doredoscom

ARMENIA – Sevak Khanagyan


Source: ESCKaz

ALBANIA – Eugent Bushpepa


Source: Twitter

GERMANY – Michael Schulte


Source: Facebook



Source: thesun

DENMARK – Rasmussen



SERBIA – Mladen Lukić (Balkanika)



FRANCE – Jean-Karl Lucas (Madame Monsieur)



ROMANIA – Alexandru Matei (The Humans)

Alexandru Matei

Source: Facebook

POLAND – Lukas Meijer





Are there any beards we didn’t include that you think deserve to be on this list? Let us know!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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3 replies »

  1. I wanted to vote for the other nice guys from Denmark.
    Why are they not here ? I would have thought that THEY would be the reason for this poll ?
    Some of the others (like Eugent for example) don’t wear beards now, and Michael Schulte: you call that a beard ??

    • Umm… Euguent does wear a beard, I saw him yesterday… there are lots of beards, we couldn’t include them all – Rasmussen will have to stand in for all the bearded Danes

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