Eurovision 2018

#ESC2018 – The Official Soundtrack of Eurovision 2018 Revealed Today!


With only one month left until the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018, today was revealed the official soundtrack for Eurovision 2018.

Host Broadcaster RTP invited seven Portuguese composers from different musical areas to create an original soundtrack based on the narrative of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest and its visual identity. The soundtrack had to consist of various musical pieces, adapted both to the needs of the television shows as well the several parallel events taking place across Lisbon. ” – states

Below you can hear the main theme, composed by musician Luís Figueiredo.

What do you think of it? Are you excited the countdown has officially begun?

Source: Eurovsion.tvesccc

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  1. It could have been a soundtrack for a movie.
    Nice initiative though, it will probably return every year now as one of the many traditions.

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