#OGAE: ESC 2018 International Poll


#OGAE: ESC 2018 International Poll

The fan clubs around Europe and beyond continue to register who they think could win the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. You can find the first two sets of votes HERE.

Three more sets of votes are now in. Have they changed who’s leading? As you may know, Francesco Gabbani won the poll in 2017, while Amir from France won the poll in 2016.

But what are the latest three fan clubs to vote?

Albania (8 sets of votes)

12 Israel
10 Italy
8 Bulgaria
7 Greece
6 Norway
5 Denmark
4 Australia
3 Belgium
2 Sweden
1 Germany

Czech Republic (43 sets of votes)

12 Israel
10 Cyprus
8 France
7 Estonia
6 Spain
5 Denmark
4 Australia
3 Finland
2 Belgium
1 Greece

Spain (443 votes)

12 Israel
10 France
8 Finland
7 Cyprus
6 Australia
5 Sweden
4 Czech Republic
3 Belgium
2 Germany
1 Italy

How do things look overall? Here are the top 15

60 Israel
28 France
22 Australia
21 Finland
19 Sweden
18 Cyprus
17 Italy
17 Denmark
16 Belgium
16 Bulgaria
16 Czech Repubic
12 Greece
10 Estonia
8 Norway
6 Spain

Germany and Austria have also scored points.

It’s obvious that Netta from Israel has had all five maxima so far. Will her dominance continue as further votes come in? Here she is.

Do you think we’ll be in Israel for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest? Where does your favourite lie in this chart? Tell us what you think.



Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, OGAE International

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