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#ESTONIA: Eesti Laul Dress Rehearsal LIVE BLOG – #JoinUs From 12:30 CET


Hello there, it’s Richard and I’m here LIVE from Tallinn, bringing you some extra coverage before the Final tonight, when Andrew will have the normal LIVE BLOG for you.

I’m bringing you coverage of the Dress Rehearsal from 12:30 CET – you know the drill, just hit refresh throughout the day to see the latest happenings from the Saku Suurhall.

Refresh from 12:30CET

And we are off with the familiar sound of Te Deum – the Eurovision Vignette. The crowd are going wild as we are welcomed to our hosts – with the sound of Verona.

Laura comes on singing her song “Waterfall”. Koit Toome joins her on stage to perform “Verona”. This reminds me just how much Koit and Laura were robbed in Kyiv last year – a personal opinion obviously.

And here come our hosts – the same comedic pair we’ve had for the last few years. Get ready for a Lost In Verona joke with Koit in the LIVE BLOG tonight. The finalists are introduced.

1 – Karl-Kristjan & Karl Killing (ft. WATEVA) – „Young”

The artists form the Postcards this year rather than a comedy skit like last year. One Karl is in a denim jacket, while one is in a long floaty number. Words are still on the background, while the blue and yellow colour scheme remains the same from yesterday. The use of the stage is used to the maximum – something I expect more from the others after yesterday.

Oh, the comedic skits are back.

2 – Eliis Pärna ja Gerli Padar – „Taevas”

Eliis and Gerli bring a nice song to the stage, which unfortunately won’t go anywhere further than tonight – in fact it’d get lost in proceedings in Lisbon. The staging is as yesterday. Eliis and Gerli both wear black dresses, with a few shards of shiny mirror to decorate – think San Marino at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

3 – Nika – „Knock Knock”

Nika starts off on a raised stage – something I forgot to mention yesterday. She too has a black dress with a long sparkly silver necklace. The half naked dancers are still here – but caked in talcum powder. Nika has lost the fish net tights – which has lost the raunchy side of the song a bit.

4 – Sibyl Vane – „Thousand Words”

Sibyl Vane has managed to bring a retro sixties/seventies vibe to the stage, with an added modern twist. The drums and electric guitar bring this modern element. Just like yesterday, Sibyl really is enjoying these three minutes and truly owns the stage. Sibyl is in a black and white checkerboard jacket/cardigan, while her drummers are in black.

5 – Stig Rästa – „Home”

Stig is here performing another nice song – just like Eliis and Gerli. Stig is dressed in a black shirt and trousers, with a hint of red from his belt. If the Estonians want a retro number to represent them this year, this certainly oozes 1990’s Eurovision.

6 – Vajé – „Laura (Walk With Me)”

Vaje are dressed in black bomber jackets with orange sleeves, accompanied by black trousers. Staging is as of yesterday. Not sure if we have a lighting issues as it’s gone very dark suddenly – thankfully it’s only a rehearsal.

7 – Elina Nechayeva – „La forza”

Italian opera, just WOW – La Forza has winner written all over it – but don’t be surprised if there is an upset, like we are use to in most National Finals these days. Elina has the expressions and mannerisms to add real drama to this performance – something some of the others truly lack. Elina wears white dress that covers the stage – for technical reasons, with a black beaded Basque at the top.

8 – Frankie Animal – “(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty”

Frankie is wearing a floaty red jacket over black. While the lads are in black suits with white shirts. While the camerawork still is jumpy here, there and everywhere, it has improved slightly on yesterday. I personally don’t get the concept of the performance.

9 – Iiris & Agoh – „Drop That Boogie”

Iiris brings the boogie to the Eesti Laul stage in a white trouser suit, which well with the lighting and camera colour filtering. This is probably one for the younger teen audience/viewers. Drop That Boogie is already on the international playlist for H&M, so you may already be quite familiar with it without realising.

10 – Evestus – „Welcome to my world”

You’ll realise when you view this LIVE tonight, that this performance is completely different from anything else you’ve seen all evening – think Minus One (Cyprus 2016), with less piercings and added pyrotechnics. As I said yesterday, it isn’t my favourite on a personal level, but the Estonians must love it, to have made it this far.

The pretend voting has now opened.

We have a small break now.

We are back and voting remains open for 15 minutes – whether this will stay the same for the rehearsal – you’ll have to wait and see. We now have a sequence where there is microphone issues with the hosts – cue sketch!

We have another recap. The ten juries now give their points – like Eurovision, it’s 12 for their favourite, followed by 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

The pretend public voting has closed.

We have a very bizarre interval act with one of the hosts – and may I suggest if you don’t like CLOWNS – go and pour yourself another glass of wine from the kitchen!!!

Sibyl Vane, Elina, Nechayeva and The 2 Karl’s make the pretend Superfinal. Pretend voting has reopened for the Super-finallists. 15 minutes voting again.

Rasmus is back from last year’s competition as another interval with “Falling In Love With You”.

We still have 5 minutes of fake voting.

Cue another strange interval act!!! This is why I love attending Eesti Laul!!!

This afternoon’s pretend winner’s are The 2 Karl’s.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rehearsal coverage of Eesti Laul over the last couple of days. I hope your favourite wins tonight. Don’t forget you can follow Andrew’s LIVE BLOG of the Final HERE from 18:30CET.

I’ll be back with rehearsal coverage from Melodifestivalen, LIVE from Stockholm next Thursday. Until then, keep warm!!!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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