Eurovision 2018

#JESC: Steering Group Meets In Minsk


Over the past week, the Steering Group of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest met in Minsk, the Host City of this year’s Contest. The steering group has a representative from each of the following countries: Belarus (BTRC), Georgia (GPB), Italy (RAI), the Netherlands (AVROTROS), Russia (RTR) and Malta (PBS). Jon Ola Sand and Gert Kark from the EBU, Gordon Bonello (Production) and Thomas Niedermayer (Digame) were also present.

Countries can be part of the Steering Group as long as they are participating in the Contest – therefore we can assume Italy and Malta will be present in Minsk – taking the provisional list of participating countries to 8. Already confirmed are Belarus, Georgia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Russia.

It has already been confirmed that the Presidential Hotel will form the delegation hotel and EuroClub venue for the Contest. The BelExpo (Belarus’ National Exhibition Centre) will be the venue of the Opening Ceremony.

While there was discussion on the format of this year’s Contest, Jon Ola Sand stated:

“In a few weeks, we will begin to announce a lot of news related to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be associated with graphics, branding of the show, logo and slogan. We will also soon announce the exact date of the contest.”

So, within the coming weeks, we will start to get a feel for the upcoming Contest in Minsk. What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know by commenting below or commenting via our Social Media feeds.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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