Eurovision 2018

#POLL RESULTS – Who do YOU think is going to win #UK Eurovision: You Decide?


Shortly after the announcement of who was going to sing at Eurovision: You Decide to fly the Union flag in Lisbon, we asked who YOU liked most and who you thought would sing for the United Kingdom this May at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Well, as it’s almost show time, here are the results! Drum roll, please…


Your votes have crowned Asanda winner with a hefty 42.42% of the vote… but are you right? Will Asanda be selected tonight? Remember to check out our LIVE BLOG of the UK’s Eurovision: You Decide to find out who is going to represent the United Kingdom in Portugal this May!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland



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  1. I certainly hope Asanda doesn’t win; “Legends” is a dreadful song whose composers appear to have completely forgotten to include anything even remotely resembling a chorus. Why it’s such a firm favourite is beyond me. It’ll probably win, but that would be a crying shame.
    “Crazy” is the best choice IMO.

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