Eurovision 2018

#FinaleWeek: The Best Of France’s Past


France have successfully won the Eurovision Song Contest five times – however this could’ve been six had Sweden not won the tiebreaker in Rome, back in 1991. In 1969, there was no tiebreaker, so France shared the top spot. Below are the winning entries from France over the years.

1958: Andre Claveau – “Dors, mon amour”

Video: YouTube/TheEuroSongContest

1960: Jacqueline Boyer – “Tom Pillibi”

Video: YouTube/huelezelf

1962: Isabelle Aubret – “Un premier amour”

Video: YouTube/IslaBonitaTV

1969: Frida Boccara – “Un jour, un enfant”

Video: YouTube/pureshameless

1977: Marie Myriam – “L’oiseau et l’enfant”

Video: YouTube/ESC 1989

What about the 1991 tiebreaker I hear you cry? Well, this is a favourite of one of the Eurovision Ireland team and will be presented on Thursday. Do you agree with the above winners or do you think other French entries deserved the ultimate victory – comment below or in any of our social media feeds.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2018, France

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