Eurovision 2018

#MOLDOVA – Who is your favourite act in O Melodie Pentru Europa? Vote in our #POLL!


It’s almost Friday, so here’s a little poll for you all! Really simple, who is your favourite act taking part in O Melodie Pentru Europa 2018? Here are all acts taking part in the Moldovan selection this year!

REMEMBER! This 28 will be whittled down to just 16 before the semi-final on February 22nd. Can we predict the semi-finalists and maybe eventual winner together? Let’s see!

Anna Timofei – Endlessly

Che MD – Inima-n Stinga

Maria Codreanu – Zâmbește soarelui

Ruslan Țaranu – Come To Life

Doinița Gherman – Dance In Flames

Tolik – Glass

Dima Gaitur – Ona Moya

Vera Turcanu – Black Heart

Formatia 5 Stele – Maldavian Dance

Tudor Bumbac – Numai Pentru Tine

DoReDos – My Lucky Day

Sasha Bognibov – Love

Sandy C & Aaron Sibley – Once Upon A Time

Bostan – Frățică

Felicia Dunaf – Alien

Nicoleta Sava – Esencia  del Sur

Lavinia Rusu – Altundeva

Marina Cudalb – Bianco e Nero

Denny Feyton – Maybe It’s Love

Laura Bagrii – Da, Bucuriei

Anna Odobescu – Agony

Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro – Minds And Veins

BellaLuna – Moments

Pelageya Stefoglo – Let’s Start Together Right Now

Shvets – The World

Saidy – Beauty Song

Cobîlean Constantin – Numai Tu

Viorela – The Gates Of Love


Made your mind up? Let us know! Will your Top 16 be the same as the Moldovan Jury? Remember to check out our live blogs of O Melodie Pentru Europa in February!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: YouTube

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