Eurovision 2018

#LITHUANIA – Erica Jennings quits Eurovizijos!


Lithuania kicked off Eurovizijos on Saturday with the first 6 contestants advancing to the next stage of the competition. With the selection due to last another 9 weeks yet, you’d think the remaining contestants would be preparing for (musical) battle. But for one contestant, former Lithuanian Eurovision singer Erica Jennings, she’s decided enough is enough and she’s withdrawn from Eurovizijos. Erica, who is Irish but speaks Lithuanian, sang for Lithuania in 2001 as part of the band SKAMP. Their song “You Got Style” finished 13th in Copenhagen.

Below is what Erica posted on her Facebook page, giving her reasons for withdrawing her song from Eurovizijos 2018:

I’ve been mulling it over in my head for a while. Yes I do have a great song – in my humble, but experienced opinion. “The Truth” means a great deal to me. I wrote it while I was still pregnant with my daughter who’s now just turned 7 months. It’s a big song and yes it’s perfect for Eurovision. If I didn’t feel that way about my song I wouldn’t have wanted to take part in the first place.

But I’ve decided to pull out. And I’ll tell you honestly why. I simply don’t want to jump through all those hoops again. I am an established singer. I’ve been to Eurovision already, with my own song and we did pretty well as I recall. And so the idea of having to, once again, be in that almost “school girl” position of having to stand there, listening to a commission, after performing my heart out is simply cringeworthy. And with all due respect, most of them are less experienced than me in these particular topics of Eurovision, singing and song writing. I’m fine with there being a panel in general. I’ve been on commissions myself. But I honestly believe the format should be reconsidered with all due respect to everyone involved.

Just scrolling down fb after the tv show has aired, you see all these so called “experts” complimenting themselves on how they got rid of the “rubbish” and didn’t “hold back”, patting each other on the back and massaging their egos. When most of them have never a) written a song b) written a hit or c) been anywhere near performing at Eurovision. I mean I’m just amazed at their gall.

When I went to Eurovision, there was a commission then too but their verdict was decided off camera. You performed and that was it. I get it – it’s tv and ratings and I’m fine with that too. It’s just this particular format, is not for me. I would suggest that perhaps they consider making some changes for the future.

And I hope that those on the commission this year will appreciate their position and behave accordingly. Constructive criticism, empathy and compassion. It’s not what you say but how you say it. If someone would like to try with “The Truth”, let me know

Lastly, I wish everyone taking part this year the very very very best of luck!!! 

Very strong words – after all, it’s easy to sit back and critique, but we have to remember that singers and song writers pour a lot of themselves, their emotions and their experiences into performances. Having that then bashed on live TV for the world to see must be a daunting prospect for any artist.

Were you looking forward to hearing Erica’s song at Eurovizijos? Do you think this exit will change the odds of who will win?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: ESCBubble

Image Source: YouTube


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