Eurovision 2018

#LITHUANIA – Eurovizijos starts TONIGHT at 20:00 CET


National selection season is OPEN! Tonight, Lithuania will begin it’s mammoth selection process “Eurovizijos” Dainų Konkurso Nacionalinė Atranka!

Over the next 10 (yes, ten!) weeks, Lithuania will televise 8 shows, a semi-final and the grand final, which will coincide with Lithuania’s Independence Day on March 11th. At the end of this gruelling selection, the winner will walk away with the right to represent the largest of the Baltic republics at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

It seems the juries have already had their say on the 13 songs competing tonight, but as we all known from Eurovision 2016, a public televote can turn jury results on their head! According to Wikipedia, these are the jury points:

Lith Juries

So these are the songs who enter tonight with a competitive edge! Will the public agree?

You can watch “Eurovizijos” Dainų Konkurso Nacionalinė Atranka HERE

Lithuania bowed out of the semi-final in 2017 – will 2018 be their year?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlnan

Source: Eurovision Ireland,, Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia


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