Rhythm – Human – Voice – Getting to know Cesár Sampson from #AUSTRIA

Austria 2018

Today Austria became the latest country to reveal their artist for Eurovision 2018. But who exactly is Cesár Sampson? Well luckily for all you readers out there, Eurovision Ireland’s resident graphics designer and native Austrian Sascha Frasz can tell you more about Austria’s Eurovision entrant for Lisbon!


If I should describe myself with 3 words I would say: rhythm, human and voice” 

These where the first words of Cesár Sampson, 34 at his introduction this morning on Austrian breakfast TV. It seems that Austria, like this year with Nathan Trent “Running On Air”, choose another newcomer for Eurovision, but for true Eurovision fans, Cesár will look kinda familiar…

Born in Linz, Austria, Cesár has already a lot of Eurovision experience for a singer who has not taken centre stage himself. Most recently working as a vocal coach and backing vocalist for Bulgaria’s 2017 representative Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess”. He also shared the Eurovision stage with Poli Genova in Stockholm in 2016 with “If Love Was A Crime”, as even worked for past entries from the FYR Macedonia and Serbia.

I don’t want to isolate my style of music just in one direction, so I always try to include as much variation into it as possible. The great and unique thing about Eurovision is that you put everything, really everything, just into one song, which means when you perform it on stage you show the world this is my visual inspiration for this song, this is the energy which I present singing it, this is how I feel about it when I am talking about my song. Usually only one song doesn’t get this much attention at all

Eberhard Forcher, head of the team responsible for the internal selection for ORF, stated they choose Cesár as the Austrian act for 2018 because of this very professional background team behind him who wrote an extraordinary entry for Lisbon

The song, which Cesár will perform at the MEO Arena in May 2018, is of course a well kept secret at this stage. All we know is that it has been written by Sebastian Arman as well as Cesár himself. It’s being produced by Boris-lav Milanov and the Symphonix crew who wrote and produced the very successful Bulgarian Eurovision entries for 2016 and 2017. It just needs some more time to give it that extra special touch” Cesár added earlier today. After my experiences with the Eurovision Song Contest in the past, it just feels, that that is the stage I need to be“. The whole writing and production crew will move back to Vienna on January 1st 2018 to fully focus on Cesár’s Eurovision project and it is expected to be presented sometime in February 2018.

Wondering what Cesár sounds like as a singer? Well, have a listen below to Cesár‘s covers of Rise Like A Phoenix and Euphoria – we think you’ll agree, he can certainly sing!

Austria holds a 4 years running streak for reaching the Eurovision Grand Final since 2014, do you believe that Cesár could hold on to this streak?

Let us know in your comments below…


Author: Sascha Frasz

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source:, Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Wonderful article ..This guy can surely sing.. I want to hear more.. and so looking forward to seeing a new journey begin. I can see Austria being in that Eurovision Final once again. Here’s to hearing the song that will take you to that Final.

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