Eurovision 2018

#MOLDOVA – O Melodie Pentru Europa details released… but read the small print first!


Moldova’s broadcaster TRM has released details regarding its upcoming plans for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon! You’ve guessed it… O Melodie Pentru Europa is back!

Songs wishing to represent Moldova at Eurovision must be submitted no later than 17:00pm EET on 15th January 2018. These entries will then be listened to by a jury, who will short list songs to compete at a live audition. After this, the jury will chose just 16 entries to advance to the next round.

Like in previous years, there will be a semi-final which will take place on 22nd February. Only 10 songs will then go to the final of O Melodie Pentru Europa on the evening of 24th February 2018. The results for both the semi-final and the final will be chosen by 50% jury and 50% televote.

While this is all fairly standard Moldovan Eurovision preparation, while taking a closer look at the rules for participation in O Melodie Pentru Europa, we noticed this little clause…


Or in English “All expenses for preparation and participation in national and international phases will be assumed by the participant,”

So if you want to represent Moldova at Eurovision, you best have deep pockets – you’ll be paying for everything!

Let’s be honest, Eurovision participation is not cheap. If anything, it’s becoming increasingly expensive. While it’s unreasonable for artists to expect broadcasters to pay all of their participation costs, equally do you think it’s fair for broadcasters to expect artists to pay for representing their country?

What do you think?


Author: James Scanlan


Image Source: Wikipedia,

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