UNITED KINGDOM: OGAE UK has its annual Bash

OGAE Eurobash

UNITED KINGDOM: OGAE UK has its annual Bash

As we’re in the quieter period in the Eurovision year, many fan clubs will have their annual gatherings. The UK’s fan club is no exception. It’s one of the largest, and met last weekend (9 September) in Manchester for its annual Bash.

About 100 fans turned up for a day (and night) of videos, chat, special guests and singing. Fan club president Alastair Rendell was there to welcome everyone before the annual quiz started. As Lucie Jones’ performance in Kyiv was the UK’s 60th entry, the quiz had a very UK flavour, with pictures to identify, UK entries played backwards and identifying next lines of songs. In a tight competition, two teams eventually it slugged it out, naming the 2017 contest finishing order.

We also saw three guests. These aren’t necessarily the big names you’d expect at some other events, but excellently entertaining in their own way. They were Emmelie de Forest, Yvie Burnett and Iceland’s Selma. Emmelie needed no introduction, having won the contest and co-written Lucie’s song. She’s also now a brunette and looking good. Yvie is a renowned voice coach, who’s helped many many stars over the years, and was partly behind Jade Ewan’s vocals in Moscow. Selma, of course, was a runner-up in 1999, and also participated in 2005. She’s now working more behind the scenes as a theatrical director in Iceland and beyond.

One of the highlights of the day is the Eurostars event. For those who don’t know, fans dress as performers and give it their all. You can see the performances here. Do you think the right song won?

A Bash wouldn’t be complete without a set from one of the guests. This is where the lovely Selma shone. The set, which you can see below, was probably one of the best ever seen at a Bash. And what do you think of the song that she sang with a specially-commissioned English lyric?

Special thanks go to Robin Scott for his video footage.

A fuller report can be found in the fan club’s magazine – Vision – which will be out later this year. If you’re not a member, visit the fan club’s website HERE. Go on, you might enjoy yourself.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, OGAE UK, Robin Scott

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