#ICELAND: Live blog of Söngvakeppnin Final! JOIN US from 20.45 CET


#ICELAND: Live blog of Söngvakeppnin Final!  JOIN US from 20.45 CET

It’s Söngvakeppnin Final time in Iceland. Seven songs have made it this far. These are the best three in each semi-final, plus one lucky wild card. As you’ll see, most of the titles have changed, as the Söngvakeppnin rules allow them to be sung in any language in the final, rather than Icelandic. So it’s almost good by to ‘ð’ and ‘þ’ for another year.

Televoting and jury voting will first select two of the songs to go to a super-final, with a second round of voting to follow. Will your favourite make it? Well, here are the songs:

  1. Aron Hannes Emilsson – Tonight
  2. Arnar Jónsson & Rakel Pálsdóttir – Again
  3. Aron Brink – Hypnotised
  4. Hildur Kristin Sefánsdóttir – Bammbaramm
  5. Rúnar Eff Rúnarsson – Make your way back home
  6. Svala Björgvinsdóttir – Paper
  7. Daði Freyr Pétursson – Is this love?

Follow us from about 20.45 CET/19.45 GMT for the LIVE BLOG. You can also watch the action via RÚV’s website HERE.


And we’re off. As is the case with these events, there’s a lot of chatter – parish notices, where the fire exits are – that sort of thing, and talk with local celebrities Laufey Helga Guðmundsdóttir and Reynir Eggertsson. They have a lot to say for themselves.


We’ve only seen pundits and backstage at the moment. And a whole load of adverts. Well Söngvakeppnin needs paying for somehow.

We appear to be starting for real now. We get an introduction to the acts competing tonight.

First on is Gréta Salóme, with a certain ‘Hear them calling’ from 2016. She’s that popular, she even took her singing into the audience.


We’re now being told how tonight’s show works. But I’ve told you at the top of this article. The number to vote on is 990 99 0x, where ‘x’ is your favourite song.

It’s time for songs, starting with…

  1. Aron Hannes Emilsson – Tonight

It’s funky and bouncy, and quite contemporary. There’s lots of finger-clicking, as if Aron Hannes is on the verge of not caring. But he is caring and get the crowd warmed up quite nicely. It is not a bad song, and could have appeared in an MF. A great opener.



2. Arnar Jónsson & Rakel Pálsdóttir – Again

There’s a lot of crystal clear vocal here, with this very well-constructed duet. It’s not got the bounce of song 1, but there’s melody. There is nice staging with the audience in the background with their phone lights on. It’s effective. I do worry that it might not have the oomph of some of the other songs tonight.


3. Aron Brink – Hypnotised

More upbeat-ness with this catchy number that has latin overtones. It could be Eurovision-by-numbers however that’s not a bad thing in this context. Once the chorus opens up there’s a foot-tap going on by this blogger. And there’s a key-change! Even though Aron looks like he should still be at school, there’s a chance that this could win tonight. It’s the best so far.


We now go briefly to the Green Room to chat to the first three acts.

4. Hildur  – Bammbaramm

Young Hildur is in a refreshingly sparkly raspberry-coloured outfit. It’s almost a little retro. Her little song bounces along nicely and has lots of synthesised sounds in the backing track. It’s O, but I can see why it was the wild card from the semi-finalists, and I can’t see it winning.


5. Rúnar Eff – Make your way back home

Rúnar Eff has taken us to a downbeat ballad and he has a very deep voice. Almost Elvis-like in tone. It’s full of lyric with deep meaning. He’s eventually joined by some backing singers who, naturally, help him with the final emphatic chorus. However it ends rather suddenly, so I can’t see it winning.


6. Svala – Paper

A simple song title for a song that starts very simply. Just Svala in her cream jacket. She still looks like Valentina monetta with tattoos. She also has an attitude in her song, which I believe is called ‘sassy’. It’s not without its charm as a song and trundles more than bounces along. However there’s a very nice light show and it takes guts to be onstage by yourself.


7. Daði Freyr Pétursson – Is this love?

Eurovision wouldn’t be right without a bit of quirky. And we’ve had to wait till the last song to get it. It’s retro, electro and no doubt other words ending in ‘o’. Daði has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Maybe it’s the nerdy green jumpers worn by him and his little band of pals. It could spring a nice little surprise.


All songs done for now, so it’s back to the Green Room to speak to the final four acts.

We’re back from adverts and recaps and it’s only someone called Måns Zelmerlöw on stage now. He seems a decent singer – maybe some should sign him up.

And now it’s only Alexander Rybak. He thinks it’s a very strong competition tonight. As both he and Gréta Salóme are violinists, it’s only right they have a little duel. He then does his little song about a ‘Fairytale’.


More talk from backstage with Måns. He’s waiting to try some of the Icelandic speciality cuisine shark. He’s can’t wait.


We’re back, and we’re told about the jury. It consists of seven members.


But first, the televotes from seven regions in the country and ‘símakosning’.


Svala and Daði thus performed their songs again for the ‘superfinal’.

Whilst more time is devoted to televoting, Gréta Salóme is on stage again. She does a little number which the crowd likes. More recap, and the it’s back to Måns. He’s earning his shark by the looks and sounds of things. He sings ‘Heroes’ and ‘Glorious’.


It’s almost time for the result. Will it be Svala or Daði Freyr?

It’s Svala!!!!!

‘Paper’ will be going to Kyiv!!!!


Are you happy with this result? Which song did you want to win?

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Ríkisútvarpið

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