Eurovision 2017

#NORWAY – LIVE BLOG of MELODI GRAND PRIX 2017 National Final #JoinUs from 20:55 CET


God kveld Europa! Og god morgen Australia!

Tonight is the Final of Norway’s “Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2017″, which means we will find out their representative for the 62nd edition of Eurovision Song Contest!

So sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s blogging duo James and Bogdan #JAMDAN entertain and inform you. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us your opinion about tonight’s final and who is your favourite!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get our comments and points of view.

You can watch the live show  HERE from 20:55 CET

Ten songs will compete tonight and there will also be some new voting changes for this year.

There will be 10 international juries who will award 1-8 10 and 12 points to their favourite songs. Then in a similar way to Eurovision last year, the points of the juries will be added to the votes of the Norwegian public. After this, the Top 4 songs will proceed to the Goldfinal.

The acts competing tonight are:

01  Ulrikke – Places
02  Jenny Augusta – I Go Where You Go
03  Rune Rudberg Band – Run Run Away
04  JOWST – Grab The Moment
05  Kristian Valen – You & I
06  In Fusion – Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over
07  Amina Sewali – Mesterverk
08  Ammunition – Wrecking Crew
09  Elin & The Woods – First Step In Faith/Oadjebasvuhtii
10  Ella – Mamma Boy


JAMES: God kveld! Tonight Norway will choose their entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Can they pick a 4th winner? Or will it be another nul points? Check back soon to find out 😉

BOGDAN: We’re experiencing a few technical issues right now with the live link from Norway, but hope to have this fixed and be writing soon!

JAMES: And we’re live in Norway! We’ve just got the link to work and we’re seeing two foil clad Norwegians singing… clearly we missed something rather important!! 0__0


BOGDAN: Set yourself on fire… apparently that was an instruction!

JAMES: I think we missed the “take your LSD tablets now!” instruction!

BOGDAN: Are these two related to Verka Serduchka?

JAMES: Or at least shop for their clothes at the same boutique!

BOGDAN: We’re being introduced to tonight’s acts

JAMES: And our hosts – also in foil…


BOGDAN: Space, Gravity, these space suits… apparently Eurovision 2017 will be in SPACE!!

JAMES: Our hosts are now explaining how the voting will work tonight, complete with the same paper flip chart we used when I was at school in the 90s… apparently the futuristic theme is only for costumes!


JAMES: The Top 4 acts from the combined Televote and International Jury vote will enter a Gold Final, which will be decided entirely by public vote

BOGDAN: Our first singer tonight is up next, Ulrikke who is taking us “Places”

JAMES: Sounds very much a Euro-pop track from the snippet, would be nice to have a few more such songs in Kyiv – we are still quite ballad heavy!

BOGDAN: Rather a lot of dancers on stage… if this goes to Kyiv, they’ll need to scale down their staging

JAMES: This sounds like a song that was on the radio last summer… can’t remember which one, but it sounds very familiar


BOGDAN: That – ooh hoo doesn’t do anything for me… take us to places we’ve never been before? Honey, we’ve been here before, trust me!


JAMES: I agree, it’s not a bad track per say, but it’s very safe and uninspired

BOGDAN: 5 from me

JAMES: Same, a 5 from me…


BOGDAN: A quick costume change… it’s definitely unique!

JAMES: Certainly! Jenny Augusta singing next, with “I Go Where You Go”

BOGDAN: Overly Attached Girlfriend the musical then?

JAMES: Nice violins, interesting faux-country feel to it

BOGDAN: Sounds more oriental to me

BOGDAN: She’s chanting it like it’s a spell… there is no escape…



BOGDAN: And the backing dancers look quite mystical!

JAMES: It’s an interesting performance and I like it, but I fear if it goes to Kyiv it will get totally lost

BOGDAN: Agreed, it’s far too repetitive. I give it a 6 though

JAMES: I’ll give it a 7. I liked the whole Valentina Monetta’s Crisalide vibe from the costumes

BOGDAN: Rune Rudberg Band wants to Run Run Away next… is that a reply to the previous song?! 0__0

JAMES: Lots of different musical styles tonight and we’re only on song #3!


BOGDAN: Everyone is flying in Norway tonight!

JAMES: This is real country twang and I quite like it, his voice is perfect for this kind of song

BOGDAN: Golden angels and figures with black feathers… what does this have to do with the song exactly?

JAMES: Perhaps it’s the philosophical debate of balancing between good and evil?


BOGDAN: Texas Lightning from Germany in 2006 were much more convincing! The staging was really messy for me and I wasn’t impressed. 5 from me

JAMES: Now see, I agree about the staging being a bit unnecessary and over the top, but I think it’s a great song and probably my favourite so far. 8 from me!


JAMES: Pictionary, Norwegian style!

BOGDAN: The hostess seems to be channelling the Ghost of Jamie Lee 😉

JAMES: Is she wearing Bambi’s mum? 0__0

BOGDAN: JOWST are going to Grab The Moment now

JAMES: “I put my nerves in a coffin”… right…


JAMES: Didn’t the guy in the mask sing with the Hardkiss last year in Ukraine? Well, I say sing… he just sort of lurked there looking terrifying…


BOGDAN: It reminds me a lot of a song from the Romanian selection last year… I don’t feel comfortable listening to this song … I’m going to kill the voices in my head makes me feel uneasy…

JAMES: I think it should be a great crowd pleasing entry, but something doesn’t quite add up for me. I’ll give it a 6

BOGDAN: 6 too… a very scared 6…

JAMES: Bogdan’s favourite up next, Kristian Valen – You & I

BOGDAN: Such a sad, but a beautiful song

JAMES: It reminds me very much of Ireland’s Rock N’ Roll Kids


BOGDAN: To me, it really sounds like When Susannah Cries by Espen Lind

JAMES: Oh wow! I love the dancers! I usually dislike all the arty dancing that detracts from the song, but I think this compliments it perfectly


BOGDAN: It’s a really beautiful song, romantic and melancholic but wonderful. 10 points from me

JAMES: It is. I know we have a lot of ballads in Kyiv, but I think we need this one there… stunning. 10 from me too – and judging by the audience’s reaction, they agree!

BOGDAN: In Fusion up next, singing Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over

JAMES: Thank god it’s not Nothing Ever Knocked Us Up!

BOGDAN: Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over, yet you start on the ground… hello?


JAMES: If you’re already on the ground, you can’t be knocked over!

BOGDAN: Isn’t this the same tune as “I’m A Gummy Bear”?!!

JAMES: Should someone remind Norway there’s a 6 people on stage limit at Eurovision… so a cast of thousands is not a good idea!

BOGDAN: Ouch… bit of a bum note..

JAMES: It’s a nice enough ditty, but it sounds very JESC-y…

BOGDAN: I’m giving it a 6 for the effort

JAMES: 7, I like it. But there’s already a girl trio heading to Kyiv from a country beginning with N… could this confuse people?

BOGDAN: Possibly!

JAMES: Amina Sewali up now with Mesterverk – our first song so far pa norsk!

BOGDAN: You speak Norwegian?

JAMES: A little… Duolingo taught me mostly useless stuff like “The wolf is eating me” and “Cats don’t fly”!

BOGDAN: Depends how many wolves there are in Norway…

BOGDAN: Very much a SIA and Loreen vibe going on here!

JAMES: It reminds me very much of the staging of Statements, but without the impact

BOGDAN: As a song, it’s really basic and didn’t build, with a random scream thrown in… 6 from me

JAMES: As a interpretive dance performance, it’s a 10, but as a song it’s a 5. It didn’t keep my attention at all. Shame, really, as it’s a fantastic performance

BOGDAN: Would have got four 10s on Strictly Come Dancing! Even from Craig!

JAMES: Ammunition are the Wrecking Crew!! Those f a sensitive disposition, look away now… we’re about to be ROCKED OUT!!


BOGDAN: And they’re joined by the cast of Orange Is The New Black! 😀


JAMES: Alice Cooper LIVES!!

JAMES: Songs like this are always a huge crowd pleaser

BOGDAN: Definitely! They’ve got a real 90s rock sound… Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi

JAMES: I think this could do really well in Kyiv

BOGDAN: So do I – 8 points!

JAMES: 8 from me too, for singalongablitly – if such a word exists (which it doesn’t, according to spell-checker…)

BOGDAN: Elin & The Woods with First Step In Faith/Oadjebasvuhtii up now – our penultimate song!

JAMES: I’m curious about this entry, I have a feeling it’ll be partly in Saami


BOGDAN: The presenter is wearing Bambi, and now Elin is wearing his horns!

JAMES: This is really simple and hypnotic… I love it!

BOGDAN: I know she wants us to get in touch with nature, but it does nothing for me… 5

JAMES: 10 from me. I really love it, I’m under the spell of the woodland realm…

BOGDAN: … you’re weird…

JAMES: Shush! 😛 Ella is our last singer tonight with Mamma Boy

BOGDAN: Stick my finger in your socket… easy missus!


BOGDAN: Madonna vibes from Ella!

JAMES: Definitely… in more ways than one!

BOGDAN: I’m really torn… it’s a great song and I’m entertained

JAMES: It’s really catchy, but a bit cringy too…

BOGDAN: 8 from me

JAMES: And from me. What a finish for tonight’s show!

BOGDAN: A quick recap of tonight’s songs… some really diverse musical styles in there! For me, there are 3 definite qualifiers for the Gold Final

JAMES: I’ve picked my 4, will be interesting to see what the public says!

*JAMES and BOGDAN bicker about the likelihood of Elin & The Woods qualifying for Gold Final*


JAMES: International juries are giving their points now – and look who it is! 😀

BOGDAN: Mr Eurovision himself, Johnny Logan!

JAMES: How did he win? I got lots of 12s – LOL

BOGDAN: Places has taken an early lead… that surprises me…

JAMES: And me…

JAMES: Interesting that the international juries are all backing songs that reflect their national sounds, as it were

BOGDAN: The voting is confusing us a little…

JAMES: Same 3 songs getting votes… it’s like Eurovision 2015

JAMES: I’m pretty sure he’s not British… he doesn’t look sombre and repressed!

BOGDAN: None of the songs we thought would get all the points did… are we that out of touch with European music?



BOGDAN: Johnny Logan is on stage!!

JAMES: This is one of my all time favourite Eurovision entries, and he’s still got it!

BOGDAN: The arena is going wild for him!!

JAMES: We think they’re going to announce the votes soon… we think…

BOGDAN: Yes they are! Our first Gold Finalist is…

JAMES: JOWST and Grab The Moment… Oslo was Share The Moment, is that a good omen?

BOGDAN: Wasn’t this the one that made me feel very uncomfortable?

JAMES: Yes, yes it was…

JAMES: JOWST is giving a rousing speech (I assume) on why we should vote for him

BOGDAN: He’s now giving us a reprise… I like it more than I did the first time round, but it doesn’t blow me away


JAMES: I just think it’s weird there’s a Eurovision that says “kill” over and over… 0_0

BOGDAN: Very average and no crescendo or anything…

JAMES: Our 2nd Gold Finalist is Ulrikke!

JAMES: And that was a very passionate speech! Shame I have next to no idea what he said…


BOGDAN: Another quite average entry… and when the hook is ooh-hoo, there’s not a lot to get you hooked!

JAMES: I still don’t get the hype if I’m honest… like you said, very monotone and doesn’t build… she’s taking us to places I don’t really want to go to!

BOGDAN: Elin & The Woods is the 3rd Gold Finalist?! She looks as shocked as I am….



JAMES: I love this kind of ethnic-infused sound, I’d be very happy if this went to Kyiv

BOGDAN: To be completely honest… I really do not get this… like, at all…

JAMES: Just take the first step, Bogdan 😉

BOGDAN: It’s like Secret Garden part 2… except Nocturne was a masterpiece and this isn’t

JAMES: But Nocturne won Eurovision 😉

JAMES: The audience loved it!

BOGDAN: Must be the overuse of smoke machines tonight!

JAMES: Ammunition is the last qualifier tonight – no surprises there!

BOGDAN: Real shame for Kristian Valen, was so sure he’d be in the final too

JAMES: Out of all the 10 songs tonight, this was the only one we both agreed would make it to the Gold Final – none of the others made it

BOGDAN: Except Elin, but only you said that would make it 😛


JAMES: I have a sneaking suspicion this might be going to Kyiv… Norway has dabbled with glam rock before and this is a similar sort of sound

BOGDAN: For me it’s between Ammunition and JOWST

JAMES: Ammunition and Elin & The Woods for me

BOGDAN: Considering the jury didn’t give any 12 points to Elin and it still qualified, I think she may have won the public vote… and it’s public votes that count for the Gold Final


JAMES: And while we wait for those votes, we’re being treated to an acoustic version of Icebreaker from Agnete, Norway’s Eurovision representative from last year

BOGDAN: It’s a really great song, was very surprised when it didn’t qualify last year

JAMES: Agree. It’s an intensely personal song and she has the voice to back it up… perhaps it was the lack of promotion in the run up to the contest that scuppered its chances?

BOGDAN: Maybe… still a shame. This acoustic version is really haunting though

JAMES: That it is ❤

BOGDAN: Norway are now eyeing the competition with the songs chosen in other countries for this year’s contest – starting with Moldova and Romania!

JAMES: Only Romania, Moldova and Italy – all countries that JamDan live blogged! Maybe NRK are reading these comments! 😀

BOGDAN: Results time! And Ulrikke is out

JAMES: I think there were definitely stronger contenders than Places

BOGDAN: This is tense…

BOGDAN: Elin & The Woods is out

JAMES: Down to JOWST and Ammunition, just as you said, Bogdan!


JAMES: So the winner is…


JAMES: An interesting result, definitely not my favourite from tonight, but such is Eurovision

BOGDAN: A big thank you from both of us for joining us for our last live blog of 2017’s Eurovision selections!

JAMES: Yes, thank you so much for reading along out there! So it’s natta fra Norge, og fra JamDan! Tusen takk!

BOTH: Thank you Europe, (and Australia) and good night!

Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source: NRK, Eurovision Ireland

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