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#SWEDEN: LIVE BLOG of Melodifestivalen Jury Final – #JoinUs from 19:00CET

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#JoinUs today at 19:00CET for our LIVE Rolling Blog of the Melodifestivalen Jury Final, where twelve acts will rehearse before competing tomorrow night to win that all important ticket to Kyiv. However tonight they need to impress the International Juries!!!

Just refresh this page from 19:00CET on a regular basis and join me, Richard Taylor to get all my views on the proceedings.


And we are off!!! A few minutes later than 19:00CET, but remember this is technically a rehearsal! We start with a look back of the past five weeks before the titles roll and Hasse, Clara and David take to the stage with the opening number. The acts have been introduced and now it’s time to perform!!!

Song 1: Ace Wilder – Wild Child

Little Miss Attitude is hear and bringing it with total amaziness!!! Ace is wearing a 1980’s throwback turquoise number. The backing dancers are either in Royal Blue or Pink. This is a fun and upbeat number to kick off tomorrow night’s competition and certainly belongs in the Top 3, if not Top 5 at the very least.

Song 2: Boris Rene – Her Kiss

Boris has decided what jacket he is wearing after yesterday – Red, which wasn’t even tested!!! His backing dancers wear either lilac or silver jackets to match – it’s hard to judge the colour though because of the lights. Cool and collective, Boris deserves well with Her Kiss, considering so many other entries loss my attention yesterday.

Song 3: Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A

Not really sure if Lisa is trying to be seductive or not with this performance – well it’s not particularly achieving the desired effect with me anyway. Instead of a jacket, she is wearing, what looks to be a rain poncho shaped like a jacket. The dry ice was out too for that added effect.

A quick sketch now features Clara, David and a special appearance by Alexander Rybak mimicking Smak.

Song 4: Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On

Robin has brought some added attitude in his sharp suit. The backing dancers are also suited and booted. To be able to dance on a floor travalator takes skill and Robin and the team sure know how to pull it off. This deserves a win after you take in the whole performance as a whole.

Song 5: Jon Henrik Fjallgren feat. Aninia – En varld full av strider

I’m sure Jon Henrik is wearing the same outfit as two year’s ago! Aninia is wearing a nice, white floaty number which fits in quite well with the whole performance. The crowd also went wild for this which is normally a good indicator.

Song 6: Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye

Not really sure what value this entry adds to the final unless it’s Anton charm with the younger ladies here in Sweden. A lad standing at a microphone with a guitar needs to do a lot to pull off, what could be considered a boring performance these days – unfortunately today isn’t one of those.

Song 7: Mariette – A Million Years

Another one of this year’s favourites, Mariette and her backing bungee singers are dressed in White. The backing dancers seem to be allowed a lot more freedom after yesterday’s obvious bungee choreography. The performance is very eye catching and will stand out amongst anything else we’ve seen in the National Final season this year.

Song 8: FO&O – Gotta Thing About You

They took my advice!!! FO&O took my advice and spent time on some vocal training. Yesterday’s disaster of been out of tune has well and truly been rectified. Not a personal favourite, they should be just proud of making the final.

Song 9: Nano – Hold On

James Arthur meets The Brit Awards. Nano certainly sounds the same and while this is considered a favourite by the Swedes, I can’t see it working in the wider Eurovision community in Kyiv this May. Nano will be in the Top 5 whatever tomorrow night.

Song 10: Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down

Wiktoria is in a red jumpsuit type outfit for her performance. Her vocals have held out well after resting them yesterday and rehearsing with playback. The whole staging works well and the simplicity of a bed is something that can be easily replicated in Kyiv.

Another quick sketch features Clara, David and special guest Alexander Rybak mimicking Smak.

Song 11: Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’

Benjamin looks like a rabbit trapped in headlights tonight. The confidence he had during the rehearsals yesterday seemed to have evaporated. Benjamin can expect a poor result if he repeats the same tomorrow evening.

Song 12: Owe Thornqvist – Boogieman Blues

Owe has a big fan base here at Melodifestivalen and I really can’t see the attraction. Admittedly it is a sweet way to close the competing twelve songs – but could we see a success for Owe like we did more Hasse a couple of years ago – I have a sneaking suspicion.

Interval & Voting Period

After Frans joined a musical female from Sweden performing last year’s Swedish entry – we now have the fake International Jury voting, read out by some of the SVT crew members. After a recap of the entries, we have David, Clara and Hasse in another performance while the votes close and get counted.

After another mini-episode of Smak, we have a medley performance of hits from Zara Larsson – one of the up and coming Swedish artists of our time.

The winner of tonight’s fake vote is Anton Hagman with Kiss You Goodbye. David Lindgren closed the show with Shout It Out as there was no real winner.

From everyone here in Stockholm, we really hope you enjoy tomorrow night’s Grand Finale of Melodifestivalen 2017. We have been honoured to bring you coverage of the rehearsals this year and hope to do the same again next year. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow evening at 20:00CET.

Authors: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture Sources: SVT


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