Eurovision 2017

#ROMANIA – LIVE BLOG of Romania’s Selecția Națională FINAL #JoinUs from 19:30 CET


Bună seara Europa și bună dimineața Australia!

Tonight is the Final of Romania’s “Selecția Națională 2017″, which means we will find out their representative for the 62nd edition of Eurovision Song Contest!

So sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s blogging duo James and Bogdan #JAMDAN entertain and inform you. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us your opinion about tonight’s final and who is your favourite!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get our comments and points of view.

You can watch the live show  HERE from 19:30 CET or you can try this LINK

10 singers will perform tonight, but there can be only one winner!

The acts competing tonight are:

1. Ana Maria Mirică  – Spune-mi Tu (Tell Me)
2. Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!
3. Eduard Santha – Wild Child
4. Xandra – Walk On By
5. MIHAI – I Won’t Surrender
6. Maxim feat. Nicolae Voiculeţ – Adu-ti Aminte (Remember)
7. Tavi Colen & Emma – We Own The Night
8. Instinct – Petale (Petals)
9. Ramona Nerra – Save Me
10. Cristina Vasiu – Set The Skies On Fire

The Romanian public will have one hour to vote for their favourite at the phone number 1264 via SMS or phone call  (cost: 0.4 euro + taxes).


JAMES: Buna seara tuturor! After a Moment of Silence last year, Romania are back and bigger than ever! Can they prove they can Set The Skies On Fire? That they’re the Wild Child who Won’t Surrender and Own The Night? Or will they be saying Save Me and just Walk On By? Join us in 5 😉

BOGDAN: Bine ati venit la Bucuresti tuturor! Superchill are opening the show once more and boy can these guys move!


JAMES: And the same as the semi final, the remaining acts are giving us a medley of Eurovision’s most memorable hits

BOGDAN: Is Cristina wearing a flamingo?

JAMES: Certainly looks like it! 0__0

JAMES: Ana Maria’s Wild Dances it quite impressive!

BOGDAN: Mihai singing Rise Like A Phoenix… can he rise from last year’s final?


JAMES: Look forward to seeing if he can!



JAMES: That won Eurovision the year I was born… something that annoys a lot of people! ;-P

BOGDAN: Our hosts, Iuliana Tudor, Dan Helciug and Ioana Voicu are explaining that tonight there are no juries, only the public vote! So the choice is entirely down to the Romanian public!


JAMES: The show is also being broadcast live in Piata Universitatii in Bucharest – I’ve walked across there, right in the heart of the capital!

BOGDAN: We’ll have one hour to vote – but they tell us later when it’s time to vote

JAMES: If you are in Romania and want to vote, make sure you do – one lucky televoter will win a car!

BOGDAN: Eurovision and a free car – want more could you want! 😀

BOGDAN: And we’re off! Ana Maria Mirică is up first tonight with Spune-Mi Tu, or tell me. She says the song’s message is don’t let anyone change you so much that you lose yourself

JAMES: Very important message!

JAMES: We’re we just both agreeing what a stunning dress that is – very Disney villain, but looks awesome


BOGDAN: Interesting that she stuck with the English/Romanian version. I’m not sure this is a contender for winning tonight, but I must say this song has grown on me

JAMES: I always love a bilingual song and Romania could do worse than sending this to Kyiv

BOGDAN: I give it a 6

JAMES: I think the same, a 6. Nice little song to get us started!

BOGDAN: The hosts are chatting with a friend of Ana Maria – who said poor Ana Maria has been so nervous about tonight, she hasn’t been sleeping!

JAMES: Awwww… that’s really sweet! You wouldn’t think so after that performance!

BOGDAN: Eurovision Ireland’s fan favourite up next – Ilinca feat. Alex Florea with Yodel It!

JAMES: And #JamDan’s favourite too! 😛

BOGDAN: There’s been a lot of hype about this song, let’s see if they can live up to it…


JAMES: Yodelling and rap would not really work together in any other context other than Eurovision – but it’s brilliant! And their chemistry is perfect. Bogdan?

BOGDAN: It’s definitely my favourite song tonight, and as a Romanian I’d love for this to go to Kyiv.

JAMES: 10 points from me – love it!

BOGDAN: 12 points from me!


BOGDAN: Dan chats to Ana Maria in the Green Room

JAMES: No wonder she looks happy – she gets to sit back now and enjoy the rest of the show!


BOGDAN: Alex (of Ilinca and Alex) just said it was Mihai who sent him to music school!

JAMES: Eduard Santha up next – who said he dreamt he won Eurovision for Romania

BOGDAN: You have to win Selectia Nationala first Eduard! Can Wild Child win tonight?

JAMES: We’re about to find out!

BOGDAN: Those dancers are disturbing…

JAMES: The whole performance is a bit of an acquired taste if I’m being honest…


BOGDAN: It’s definitely one of the most interesting songs tonight, being a mix of contemporary and ethnic

JAMES: “interesting” being the key word… I feel like it’s trying to be a few too many things and is just memorable for all the wrong reasons… I give it a 5 for being so weird it’s kind of good.. I think

BOGDAN: 7 from me, it’s my guilty pleasure!

JAMES: I loved Serhat last year, so I can’t speak about guilty pleasures!!

BOGDAN: Xandra is up next, a popular up-and-coming singer in Romania, very well known and liked by Eurovision fans here

JAMES: Another woman hoping a red dress will win them the national selection…

BOGDAN: It’s Eurovision 2017’s must have fashion accessory! Timebelle, Lucie Jones… not Tayanna, sadly…


JAMES: I must say, I like this more now than I did in the semi final… I like the whole smoky chanteuse vibe she has going tonight

BOGDAN: She sounds like she has more passion in her voice tonight – it’s working, as I agree with you, I like it more tonight. 10 points from me

JAMES: And from me too, 10!

BOGDAN: Back in the Green Room with Eduard… he’s gotten a lot more fans in Romania since qualifying last weekend from the semi

JAMES: That was quite a surprise, I must say! But good for him for making it to the final

BOGDAN: Mr Tornero himself is back! M I H A I really wants to represent Romania again. He says he reads lots of motivational books to help keep him focused

JAMES: That explains his song title – I Won’t Surrender

JAMES: Mihai’s Tornero currently holds the record for the highest number of points scored by Romania at Eurovision… but you know what they say, records are made to be broken 😉


BOGDAN: Couldn’t the lighting department move that one light? 0_0

JAMES: They did… phew!

BOGDAN: He connects a lot more with the audience in this performance, which is fantastic. You can never fault his vocals!

JAMES: The audience went wild… could his wish to return to Eurovision be about to come true?

BOGDAN: 10 points from me

JAMES: And from me. A very solid performance

BOGDAN: Maxim next, and they want us to remember… one band member was joking they’ve already won

JAMES: Pride cometh before a fall, boys…

BOGDAN: Indeed… they’ve ditched the guitar and are now pretending to play the piano

JAMES: Oh wait, some are still on the guitars… they’ve changed something about the song and it sounds really weak as a result… and slightly out of tune


BOGDAN: I don’t like it.

JAMES: You want us to remember, but I’d rather not… sorry. 3 points

BOGDAN: 5 from me. Mihai says Eurovision is an obsession for him

JAMES: I think we guessed that last year after Paradisio!

BOGDAN: More antics with Maxim in the Green Room

JAMES: On to song #7 now, Tavi Colen & Emma who say We Own The Night

BOGDAN: Emma says it’s a love song, and even after going through so much how someone can come along and change everything for you

JAMES: Awwww…


JAMES: I really like this, it has a real Eurovision sound for me

BOGDAN: Definitely! It’s funny, it’s playful and I’ve been singing it all day! I would be quite happy if this went to Kyiv

JAMES: Would definitely stand out from all the sad ballads… sallads? Salads make me sad…

BOGDAN: What are you talking about?

JAMES: No idea… points?

BOGDAN: 8 points from me, another guilty pleasure

JAMES: I’ll say 7, I like it too – not my favourite tonight, but could easily do very well

BOGDAN: Instinct and Petale next… in some ways it’s a shame its in Romanian so not as many people can understand the message

JAMES: I love the fact it’s in Romanian, we need more languages at Eurovision 😉 And a tragic love song not in English is always a big crowd pleaser!

BOGDAN: I like the drama of the performance… and it’s a bit more polished than in the semi

JAMES:I love the whole clockwork theme, it’s simple but so memorable and works really well


BOGDAN: They both have great vocals and harmonise so well together… but I worry how well this will translate to the Eurovision stage

JAMES: I know what you mean, the intimacy of something like this might be lost on a massive stage

BOGDAN: It’s a lovely song though

JAMES: I agree. Points?

BOGDAN: 10 from me

JAMES: I give them a 12! This might be my new favourite from tonight

BOGDAN: Emma says she really wants to be on the Eurovision stage and she wished for it on New Year’s Eve and is really thankful to everyone who helped her get here

JAMES: Only 2 songs left now! Ramona is our penultimate singer, with Save Me

BOGDAN: After she performed in the semi, the judges warned her to sing in a lower key as the strain on her voice was really noticeable… really curious to see if she took their critique into consideration

JAMES: It’s her 3rd time trying to represent Romania at Eurovision… will it be 3rd time lucky?

BOGDAN: She said although she lives in Germany, nothing would give her more pride than singing for Romania at Eurovision

JAMES: Oh wow, this is so much better… she sounds like she’s singing now, not shrieking

BOGDAN: Yes, definitely  yes

JAMES: I was getting ready to slate this, but I must say I’m really impressed. This looks and sounds like a Top 5 Eurovision song now, not a DNQ flop

BOGDAN: And Ramona looks stunning tonight


BOGDAN: Not sure I’m convinced by the whole cage dancers in the background though… 10 from me, for her improvement

JAMES: 10 from me too, I’m blown away by how much more polished and how much better that performance was!

BOGDAN: Cristina Vasiu is closing the show tonight with Set The Skies On Fire

JAMES: Curious what the next 2 hours are going to be then if this is the last song…

JAMES: I like the song, but the costume is not a great idea…  she looks like Big Bird from Sesame Streets’ cougar aunt…


BOGDAN: This was one of my favourite’s before the contest, I loved it when I heard it in the auditions, but I’m not quite sure right now

JAMES: She still has her laser shoes

BOGDAN: Strong vocals, but the costume distracts so much from the song. It’s an 8 from me

JAMES: 7 from me. Another case of Death by Wardrobe at Eurovision

BOGDAN: So those are Romania’s 10 choices. Soon voting lines will open!

JAMES: Indeed. But before then, we’ve got a special guest at Selectia Nationala – she’s been to Helvetica and back… it’s Timbelle from Switzerland!


BOGDAN: Well actually Miruna (the singer for the band Timebelle) is Romanian…

JAMES: She looks stunning tonight, very beautiful young woman

BOGDAN: Yes she is! The hosts have thanked the sponsors of tonight’s show and we’re now on an ad break

JAMES: And we’re back!

BOGDAN: Just time for a quick recap of tonight’s 10 hopefuls!

BOGDAN: Tonight marks the first time that a Selectia Nationala final will be chosen entirely by the Romanian public – no juries in sight!

JAMES: So choose well, Romania!

BOGDAN: The hosts have reminded everyone you can vote for multiple songs, but only once per song

JAMES: And now we’re counting down to the lines opening


JAMES: It begins!

JAMES: Is now a good time to mention to a country with 100% public voting for the first time that was how the UK chose Scooch? 😛

BOGDAN: No, be quiet! 😛


JAMES: Ilinca and Alex taking an early lead! Can they hold on to it

BOGDAN: While Romania has an hour to vote, ABBA tribute band Arrival are going to sing for us

JAMES: Arrival was the name of ABBA’s fourth album, if anyone is curious about the name


JAMES: Must say, they’ve got the look of ABBA down!

BOGDAN: Perhaps Romania are hoping that the ABBA touch will launch one lucky contestant’s career into international super-stardom!


JAMES: Ah, the reveal… a Eurovision institution!

BOGDAN: Hmmm… I just tried to vote by text, but it didn’t work. I phoned it and that worked just fine… anyone else having such issues?

JAMES: Summer Night City ❤ One of ABBA’s less well know tracks I feel, but I like it!

JAMES: Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that the subtitle said Ring Ring, but this is actually When I Kissed The Teacher

BOGDAN: It really shows you live with an ABBA super fan! 😛

JAMES: Oh yes! 😉


BOGDAN: Audience looks a little sparse, no?

JAMES: Maybe they’re outside voting?

BOGDAN: If they’re having the same trouble I had, maybe!

JAMES: Whoever is doing the subtitles for TVR tonight clearly has never heard an ABBA song before in their life… they seem to be posting the wrong title for every song so far!

BOGDAN: I’m too busy wondering who Romania is going to send to Kyiv to notice!

JAMES: There are a lot of good choices tonight – and several that could do really well in Kyiv. It’s worth noting that Romania got their first Top 3 placing in Kyiv back in 2005. Can they get their first ever win there too?

BOGDAN: I hope so!! 😀

JAMES: Money money money… can we have some?

BOGDAN: We’re halfway through the voting time – if you haven’t voted yet, you’ve got 30 minutes left! Hurry up!

JAMES: Wa-wa-wa-wa-waterloo! Surely this has to be their finale?!

BOGDAN: Funny to think ABBA won Eurovision all the way back in 1974

JAMES: Feels like about as long ago as this act started singing…

BOGDAN: Mamma Mia! Here I go again…

JAMES: You’re not going anywhere! If I have to watch this, so do you!

BOGDAN: What’s with the fingers? What are they pointing at?!

JAMES: Now they’re asking the 12 people in the audience to sing along… oh dear…

JAMES: I love ABBA as much as anyone, but are they going to tell us who won soon?

BOGDAN: Hopefully. There’s a rumour online Ramona is 3rd so far… but how would they know that?

JAMES: Curiouser and curiouser!

BOGDAN: Under 15 minutes left to vote now

JAMES: Thank you Arrival, that was indeed a thorough recounting of ABBA’s back catalogue!

BOGDAN: We’ve still got performances from 2 more Eurovision 2017 contestants to look forward to tonight too

JAMES: And the first of them is up now! Fresh from winning last week’s O Melodie Pentru Europa, Moldova’s SunStroke Project!


BOGDAN: Moldova almost always give their 12 points to Romania at Eurovision

JAMES: The audience seem to love it

BOGDAN: They’re probably relieved it’s not more ABBA at this point!!

JAMES: Probably! 😛

BOGDAN: It’s great Moldova have such an upbeat song this year, I’m hoping it does well

JAMES: So do I

BOGDAN: Our 2nd Eurovision 2017 act is up now – Spain’s Manel Navarro wants you to Do It For Your Lover


BOGDAN: In Ukraine, everyone was clapping along to this song… the Romanian audience seem a little more muted

JAMES: Back to the Green Room now, where the artists are screaming for those last votes – you’ve got about 90 seconds left, Romania!

BOGDAN: Who’s going to go to Kyiv, I’m biting my nails!!


JAMES: Romania, your fate is sealed 😉

BOGDAN: But who is going to Ukraine?

JAMES: We’re seeing a recap now… isn’t that a bit redundant after the voting lines close?

BOGDAN: Just enjoy the music 😉

JAMES: They’re about to invite the Top 3 acts from the public vote to the stage

BOGDAN: The order will be random

BOGDAN: Mihai is first

JAMES: Second act from the Top 3 is Instinct! Great to see an all Romanian song in there!

BOGDAN: And the last member of the Top 3 is Ilinca and Alex!! 😀

*BOGDAN claps like a maniac*

JAMES: Great Top 3, I love all of those!

BOGDAN: Yes! One of these acts is going to Kyiv! They’re now going to announce 3rd place

JAMES: Instinct are 3rd

BOGDAN: I love this song, I’m glad it did this well 🙂

JAMES: So it’s Mihai or Ilinca and Alex…

BOGDAN: The suspense is killing us!!!

BOGDAN: Ilinca and Alex WON!


JAMES: Congratulations Ilinca & Alex Florea!!! And congratulations to MIHAI as well for the second place!

BOGDAN: We will YODEL IT in Kyiv!


BOTH: Thank you so much for following our blog! Have a Good Night! Noapte buna Europa!

Author: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source: TVR, Eurovision Ireland


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