Letters From Estonia: 04th March 2017


OK, I thought yesterday’s Letter was going to be brief, but today’s might just be as brief, if not more. After a long day of rehearsals and food out in the evening, I crashed and slept through until late morning.

Exploration of Tallinn was therefore put on hold until tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday when I really will be out of the office. But by attending the Dress Rehearsal meant I could catch up with my Aussie Cocktail sister – Sharleen. While a few members of the ESC Insight team acted as a fake jury, Sharleen and I cracked open an Australian delicacy – Tim Tams!!!

After a quick return to our hotels to change, we met up with Ewan and his clan to travel back for the LIVE Eesti Laul final – and what a show it was. Personally, like many in the Press core, the right three made it through to the Super Final and the right two made the top two. I am completely happy with the outcome of Koit and Laura, while many others would’ve preferred Kerli. You can’t please everyone!!!


Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Estonia, Eurovision 2017

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