#CROATIA – Jaques Houdek to sing “My Friend” in Kyiv


Eurovision singers seem to have a frustrating new hobby this year – Slavko Kalezić is going to sing “Space” for Montenegro, Hovig will sing “Gravity” for Cyprus and now just days after revealing his participation, the Croatian broadcaster HRT has announced Jacques Houdek will sing “My Friend” in Kyiv – what do these songs have in common? We have titles, but no actual songs yet!

Little is currently known about the Croatian song, other than it will contain some elements of opera. Speaking before today’s announcement, Jacques said he was “very excited and can’t wait to share the name of the song that will represent (his) homeland at Eurovision and also the start of the campaign that motivated both its name and message,” – sounds exciting!

Jacques coached last year’s Croatian Eurovision singer Nina Kraljić to victory on the Voice of Croatia last year – if the student got Croatia to the final in Stockholm, can the master do the same in Kyiv?

Let us know what you think!


Author : James Scanlan

Source, ESCToday, HRT,


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