Eurovision 2017



Slovenian national broadcaster RTVSLO has revealed today the snippets for the 16 songs competing in this year’s EMA.

As is customary the winner of EMA 2017 will represent Slovenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

The first semi-final of EMA 2017 will begin this Friday (17th February) while the second one will take place on Saturday 18.

Eight songs will compete in each semi, with four qualifying from each. The acts will qualify as follows:

  • Two of the four qualifiers will be decided by a public vote
  • Two will be decided by a jury (made up of six regional juries)

The running order for each semi-final along with the snippets of the songs was released today adn will be as follows:

First Semi-Final (17th February)

  1. “Wild Ride” – KiNG FOO
  2. “Fse” – Nika Zorjan
  3. “Free World” – Tosca Beat
  4. “Freedom” – Lia Sirk
  5. “Ni panike” – Sell Out
  6. “Lalalatino” – Zala Đurić Ribič
  7. “Halo” – Alya
  8. “On My Way” – Omar Naber

Second Semi-Final (18th February)

  1. “Tok ti sede” – Clemens
  2. “Zažarim” – Raiven
  3. “Are You There” – Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
  4. “Heart of Gold” – BQL
  5. “Colour Me” – Ina Shai
  6. “Heart to Heart” – United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko
  7. “Open Fire” – Tim Kores Kori
  8. “Flower in the Snow” – Nuška Drašček

The grand final of EMA 2017 will take place on Friday 24th of February and will feature the eight acts qualified from both semi-finals. The winner will be decided by a 50/50 public-jury vote.

As decided earlier this year, Slovenia’s representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 held in Kyiv will perform in the second half of the first semi-final – on May 9.

Source: RTVSLO


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