Eurovision 2017


melodiOn March 11 Norway will select their entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 during their famous show Melodi Grand Prix.

This morning it was revealed the ten songs and singers competing in Norway’s national final. Snippets form each song can be heard following this link.

The songs, artists and writers for this year’s entries are:

  1. Wrecking Crew
    Aritst: Ammunition
    Writers: Åge Sten Nilsen and Erik Mårtensson
  2. Places
    Artist: UIlrikke
    Writers: Ullrikke and Tony Alexander Skjevik
  3. Mesterverk
    Artist: Amina Sewali
    Writers: Amina Sewali
  4. Grab the Moment
    Artist: JOWST
    Writers: Aleksander Walmann
  5. You and I
    Artist: Kristian Valen
    Writers: Kristian Valen
  6. First step in faith / Oadjebasvuhtii
    Artist: Elin & The Woods
    Writers: Elin Kaven and Robin Lynch
  7. I Got Where You Go
    Artist: Jenny Augusta
    Writers: Jenny Augusta and Inga Thyristor Þórðardóttir
  8. Mama Boy
    Artist: Ella
    Writers: Per Kristian Ottestad and Ida Maria
  9. Run Run Away
    Artist: Rune Rudberg Band
    Writers: Peter Danielson, Asa and Mars Larsson
  10. Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over
    Artist: In Fusion
    Writers: Gustav Euren, Danne Atlerud, Niklas Arn, Ulrik Eurén og Cissi Kallin

Which act are you most excited for?

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: NRK, Eurovision Ireland


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