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#HUNGARY: Live blog of Postponed A Dal 2nd Heat(now 3rd heat) – JOIN US from 1930CET


HUNGARY – LIVE BLOG for A Dal Quarter Final TWO(now THREE) from 1930 CET!!!

Hungary – Join us tonight at 19:30 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the second heat of A-Dal 2017 which was postponed 2 weeks ago due to the bus crash in Verona. The third Quarter Final took place last week as planned. 10 acts will compete for a place in the Semi Finals.

You can watch the show live here at 19:30 CET and just refresh our page here to get the views, comments and strangely unique points of view from Phil Colclough of OnEurope who you will know from us here at Eurovision Ireland and his sparkling charm and witty repartee should keep you entertained… or bored to hell, who knows!!

The 10 Acts tonight are :

Song Performers Jury Points Psn
Got to be a day Kyra Fedor  34
#háttérzaj Zävodi + Olivér Berkes  41
Hosszú idők TOTOVA  41
Hunyd le szemed Orsi Sapszon   37
Kalandor Soulwave  34
Vége van  The Couple   38
Jericho  Enikő Muri  36
Father’s eyes Benjámin Pál  37
See it through Gigi Radics   43
 Orig0  Joci Pápai  41

The results will be a combination of a Jury and Audience Vote where 5 entries will progress to the Semi Finals. Then a sixth act will be solely picked by the televote from the non-qualifiers.

So sit back and get ready for Dr. Phil to give you his spin on tonight’s Hungarian second heat of A-Dal 2017 – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the upto date comments – at your own risk!


Song 1 – Fedor Kyra kicked us off with a good old upbeat Eurostomper. Red catsuits are the order of the day. And dancers. A great way to kick things off.

Song 2 – Zävodi and Oliver are all fun and games with a nice hipster look. Perhaps in their part of Hungary haircuts are at a premium, or their idol is Csaba Szigeti. It’s a very down beat little number, and might not be the right sort of thing for a contest. But they have a firey piano, and that never did the Makemakes any harm, did it?


Song 3 – TOTOVA’s song is a little bit ethnic, a little bit ‘Horehronie’ but less innocent, and very very pointy. And lots of flags, because Eurovision loves flags. Song wise, she wants to be an early Kate Bush. Incidentally, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is a vertical white mark coming from her bottom lip. I’m not sure what it’s for either.


Song 4 – Orsi, bless her, has gone for the more innocent look. Big moon backdrop, lonely park bench, simple prom dress. You know the sort of thing. She genuinely seems happy to be on the stage, and her voice carries the song quite well. If the jury want a song that’s more suitable for a West End show, then they’ll love this. Sadly it won’t appeal to the Euro-stomper brigade.


Song 5 – Boyband time – every contest needs one – but these aren’t your Westlife type. These likely lads can actually play instruments. Mainly guitars. It starts with promise but doesn’t really get going in my opinion. It’s not brilliant, but it’s not incredibly bad either.


Song 6 – The Couple are an earnest little duo. She’s at the mike, he’s at the piano in sober a suit and golden baseball cap. Hmmm. There’s lots of allusion to clocks and time, and whilst the song is OK, there are bits when I think it exceeds three minutes. It’s by no means the worst of the night. It could be the downbeat-ness.


Song 7 – This could be more like it. There are Swedish fingerprints all over this song that’s luckily for us in English. There is a formula about it that might appeal to the European voter. It could be my hearing, but she might not quite have hit every note. On the plus side, there is flame. And a collapsing prop to symbolise the walls of Jericho. Did you see what they did there?


Song 8 – Benjy thinks he’s Justs from Latvia. He has floppy hair and a leather jacket. Once you get over the look, there’s something reasonable about this song. A tad upbeat, a tad western folksy. I hope this qualifies.


Song 9 – Gigi means business and throws everything into this amenable ballad. There’s more formula which isn’t a bad thing in this case. She hits every note, knows where the camera is and, in my opinion, the best thing we’ve heard tonight. And that’s nothing to do with the alcohol, honest.


Song 10 – Joci looks a little nervous to me, with his little Roma number. It’s got a bit of a beat to it, and rapping. Hmmm #2. It’s definitely going to appeal to the ethnic-lovers around, but I’m not sure. It seems like several songs thrown together that all feature a violin somewhere. I’m not sure.



So what happens now? Gigi. Joci, TOTOVA, Zävodi & Olivér, and The Couple are through. The rest have to compete for a televoter lucky loser spot. Can you handle the excitement?

The final qualifier for the next stage, whatever that is, is…


Thanks for viewing. See you for the next enthralling instalment of A Dal next week!

Author – John Stanton

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