#MALTA: Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 in jeopardy


The EBU has regrettably announced the 2017 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers will no longer take place in Valletta, as previously stated.

Maltese broadcaster PBS, who agreed to host the event in 2015, has due to circumstances beyond their control been forced to cancel their staging of the competition in June 2017.

Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest, where the winner agrees to host the event, there’s no obligation for participating broadcasters to host the Eurovision Young Dancers competition. Instead, the EBU relies on its Members to volunteer to take on the responsibilities and partial costs of host broadcaster.

The EBU is currently looking for another host broadcaster but should one not be found in such a short timeframe the competition will not take place this year and is expected to return in 2019.

Eurovision Young Dancers is a biennial event that has been taking place since 1985. Spain has won the most times. The winner in 2015 was Poland’s Viktoria Nowak. The 2017 event is scheduled for  9 June.

Author: John Stanton

Source: EBU

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