Eurovision 2017

#SAN MARINO -Who exactly IS going to sing at Eurovision 2017? The story so far…

After Monaco bowed out, San Marino became Eurovision’s smallest serving nation – but this tiny republic is causing quite a big stir before this year’s contest has even began!

In the last few weeks, there have been a lot of conflicting stories flying around the internet regarding San Marino’s Eurovision selection. It’s all been getting a bit dramatic and you’d be forgiven for wondering what exactly is going on – especially as we don’t actually have a singer yet! So, here’s a little summary of what we know so far:

Going back to the beginning in late December, Tony Maiello, Italian singer/song writer and winner of the Newcomer’s Section of the Sanremo Festival 2010, announced on Facebook that he had been contacted by the Sanmarinese broadcaster and offered the chance to represent the republic in Kyiv in May – providing he help cover the costs of promotion totalling at a whopping €500,000! Tony seemed less than impressed, sarcastically wondering if SMRTV “want (the money) in banknotes or coins,”

Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano reported the story, complete with screen shots of the conversation that took place, which you can see here. Unsurprisingly, the story continued to spread around the internet. On January 2nd, SMRTV refuted the claim, stating they had never contacted Tony, nor had they asked anyone to do so. Some even suggested Tony had been the victim of an online hoaxer.

Confused so far? Hold on to your hats… the very next day, Italian songstress Arisa claimed she had also been approached by SMRTV, but with a €300,000 price tag attached to her Eurovision ticket. Though Arisa has said it would be a dream for her to represent Italy at the contest, she said that the price stipulated was too high and neither her nor her management could afford to make such an investment. Tony Maiello was quick to make his feelings known, saying of SMRTV “you are a cancer,” – ouch…

Let’s face it: Eurovision is becoming bigger and more expensive every year. Is it unreasonable to ask the acts to help pay part of the costs for taking part? It’s not entirely unheard of. Slovakia’s Max Jason Mai paid all the cost related to his participation in Baku in 2012. But if SMRTV is approaching artists in this way (and we must stress they have dismissed this claim), half a €1 million is a lot of money!!

So who is going to sing for San Marino? We have no idea just yet. But considering how much this story has developed over the last few days, I suspect this drama is far from over – and that’s before we even find out who is singing!

San Marino have had a bit of a rocky road at Eurovision, with only 1 final to their name so far. We at Eurovision Ireland think that pairing two of the contest’s most popular performers of recent years, Valentina Monetta and Serhat, would be a spectacular way for La Serenissima Repubblica to WIN the whole contest!

Of course, neither Valentina nor Serhat have ever made any comments about singing a duet together. But as you can see from this artists impression of the dynamic duo, it would be simply magical for Eurovision fans 😉


(a HUGE thank you to our resident artist Sascha Frasz for this picture!)

What do you think? Who would you like to see sing for San Marino? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Wiwiblogs, Il Fatto Quotidiano

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland

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