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Andrew and I are here to bring you all the action from today’s rehearsals here in Valletta and the first eight participating nations. If you don’t know the drill, come back from 10:00CET/09:00GMT and refresh the page on a regular basis for all the updates.



RICHARD: We have now seen some rehearsal footage of the Italian entry. Very nice sweeping shots of the stage made the venue looked larger than it actually is. The background is quite vivid to begin with a la splashes of paint, however soon transforms into an elegant shower of amber stars. The falling stars are reminiscent of Bella Paige’s My Girls from last year.

ANDREW: Seen this afterwards on the monitor when it was finished. It is a good visual performance and we know they have issues with smoke that want to be fixed so this isn’t the finished product as yet. Vocally Fiamma sounded good and I am having higher hopes for this one.


Technical Issues so no screens for us in the Press Room


RICHARD: From what I’ve seen before more technical issues seemed to be of a low energy run through of the song. The dancers didn’t seem to be on full throttle and George wasn’t as full on as in the preview video. The stage features warm sunny colours.

ANDREW: Constant technical issues going on here all morning. We now have no lights  because the lights board was smelling of something it shouldn’t. We have now had an impromptu emergency exits announcement. Despite all this I think I have seen most of this performance. If you know The Prodigy and Firestarter then you will get the jist of this performance. Its fun and energetic and visually really good. Great dance moves and I still think they have more to give us both vocally and energetically. This has a good position in the running order coming on second from the end and will stand out.

The Netherlands

RICHARD: The first rehearsal seems to have no choreography involved. Kisses seem to be concentrating more on getting Kisses and Dancin’ performed vocally first before adding in the routine later on. The second run through includes the choreography and manages to incorporate a lot of the stage. At times the costumes (80’s style) clash with the background – only when the giant lips appear during the chorus. Slightly messy all round, but things that can easily be ironed out.

ANDREW: This got better and better as they progressed through each run through. They are quite energetic but it does make them a little bit breathless vocally. But this will be ironed out I am sure.  It is on just before Cyprus so will be interesting to see how two energetic but contrasting songs do beside each other.



RICHARD: Shir and Tim certainly have a lot of Chanee and N’Evergreen (DEN ESC ’10) about them. Unlike some duets we’ve seen taken to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage over the last few years, this pair already have the chemistry that many others have lacked. They incorporate the stage well and you can’t fault their vocals.

ANDREW: It seems like Israel have been given a 3 hour rehearsal time slot, it goes on and on and on.  Witticism aside this is a decent entry from Israel, albeit very Israeli we even have hints of the struts and moves common with many entries from them over the years in adult Eurovision. I like it and as it contains a male/female duet it may well help it to stand out from the mid pack and performs in 13th place in the running order.


RICHARD: This is one of the most competent performances I’ve seen from Macedonia in recent years at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Even for a first rehearsal, the performance has a feel of modern and freshness about it – a sort of throwback to the 90’s summer anthems we are used too. Vocally Martija Stanojkovic has no problems from what I can see.

ANDREW: This is one of my personal favourites this year and Macedonia are not noted for coming up with a good visual performance at Eurovision but this is actually not bad at all. It has some good choreography which has some room for tightening up. The vocals are also fine although the song isn’t too challenging in its range. But am fairly happy with this.


RICHARD: I’m actually found it all rather underwhelming after watching the original preview video for this entry. Yes there is splashes of bright colour on the background, but personally I feel the performance currently lacks the energy that came across in that video – something that can easily be rectified.

ANDREW: I just don’t get this song at all. Its called Parachute but where is it? Not on stage or in the graphics behind. It still sounds like two or even three songs bundled together competing for attention and none winning. Things may improve but I don’t see the hosts getting even close to a third victory.


RICHARD: Olivia Wieczorek performed Nie zapomnij with passion just like the National Final. Poland haven’t messed about with a winning stage performance neither and have added visuals with the way the stage is here in Valletta. With a few minor changes to the camera shots, this is a truly potential winner.

ANDREW: Now I actually didn’t rate this song from the preview video but others around me did. So I was listening out to see if I was missing something. It is a powerful ballad belted out by a vet accomplished young singer in Olivia. I can certainly see its appeal and juries young and old may well go for this. Hence this is a potential dark horse indeed.

Do you agree with our views from above or do you think we’ve missed something important out? You know what to do, just comment below.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video Source: Junior Eurovision

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