Eurovision 2016

#SPAIN: RTVE opens casting for ESC 2017 singers


Big 5 stalwart has now revealed plans for Eurovision success in 2017. RTVE is desperate for win, so is using the power of social media.

Between 27 October and 27 November, the Spanish broadcaster is allowing singers to submit auditions. RTVE would like to see a variety of styles, and the prospective singers don’t even need to be signed for a record label.

After 27 November, 30 artists will be internally selected, and these lucky few narrowed down to 10 through a public vote. Still with me? An internal jury will then select the best three artists for a televised selection in January.

Do you think you have what it takes to sing for Spain? You have the advantage of no semi-final if you get to Kyiv. There is more information on RTVE’s website HERE.

As you know, Barei sang ‘Say yay!’ in Stockholm. And you can see some of Spain’s other songs in our recent article HERE.

Spain has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1968 and (jointly) in 1969. Their best result in the 21st Century was a sixth place for ‘Dile que yo queiro’ by David Civera in 2001.

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Author: John Stanton
Source: Eurovision Ireland, RTVE, Youtube

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