Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : “I’m sorry if I let anyone down” – Nicky Byrne Interview After Eurovision

Nicky SF

The day after the night before and Nicky Byrne too to national radio to talk of his disappointment of not qualifying for the Grand Final.

Speaking live to his radio co-host Jenny Greene he said that his feeling of disappointment today was “even worse” today.

Lat night 10 countries progressed to the Grand Final of the competition that takes place tomorrow. Nicky said

“I’ve never been more proud to take on that challenge and to give it a right good go with a song that we thought we could do well with, that would lend itself even better live in an arena to a live audience.”

Nicjy and team Ireland

Even for an experienced singer, Nicky confirmed that partaking at Eurovision is a totally different ball game adding

“There’s a lot of pressures…..We said it all along: to try and get into the final was a big [ask] – anything after that is a bonus nowadays.”

How did he feel about his performance last night?

“I gave it my best shot… You can only do your best then after that it’s up to everybody else to vote and put you into the final, which didn’t happen.”


Nicky was asked what does Ireland need to do to regain success at Eurovision? Should it be a newcomer?

“It isn’t just the performance. It’s a couple of weeks of promo and then last night – obviously, it’s a big stage, it’s a massive audience. I don’t think you can put somebody up there to be absolutely ‘taken to the dogs’ – devoured – if they don’t have some sort of massive stage experience. I think we need a great song, a great singer, great staging and then somebody who can actually go out there and deliver.”

Nicky finished by thanking everyone who had supported him over his Eurovision journey

“I’m sorry if I let anyone down but we definitely gave it a good shot.” 

Nicky’s Debut album – also called ‘Sunlight’ – is on release now! You can download your copy HERE

You can also get the single ‘Sunlight’ now and let us tell you there are 2 dance remixes that are #AMAZING of the song.

What we can say is that the Nicky Byrne fans from all over the world have been the best on-line followers with us here at Eurovision Ireland. We thank you guys from the full team.

Nicky – You did us proud!


Author/Editor in Chief : Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE/2FM

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