#DEBATE: Belgian vs. Danish “Soldiers of Love”

Lighthouse 2

As you are all aware, Lighthouse X will be performing “Soldiers of Love” in Thursday night’s Semi Final up against Laura Tesoro’s “What’s the Pressure”. During this week on the Belgian talk show “Aan Tafel”, former Belgian entry Liliane Saint-Pierre and TV Host Jens Geerts responded to the Danish entry.

Liliane Saint-Pierre represented Belgium thirty years ago with “Soldiers of Love”. Jens Geerts wanted to know Lilianne Saint Pierre’s opinion on the sequel of her song. Pierre’s opinion is “It’s a strong song and I consider myself a Lighthouse X fan… It’ll do well in the Semi Final and even in the big final (if they make it).”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Aan Tafel

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  1. Belgium Soldiers of love is much better then danish song. I love how Belgium song sound on video previwe but at stage that sound good as sound in video. With sound of song from video on stage I think Belgium wli be in TOP 5 in 1987.

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