Eurovision 2013

#ROMANIA – Video of how Moment of Silence could have looked on stage


Image Credit: Ovidiu Anton, from Facebook

Whatever happens at this year’s Eurovision and whoever wins, one of 2016’s biggest stories will be Romania’s last minute removal from the contest. To read the full story behind the end of Romania’s Eurovision 2016 journey, click here

As Romania’s exit came only weeks before the contest started, all of the necessary preparation for Ovidiu Anton’s performance of “Moment of Silence” had been already submitted to SVT. This includes a storyboard of images for the staging of the performance, which Ovidiu recently shared to his Facebook page.

YouTube user Eurovision King Vevo has compiled these storyboard images into a video, giving us an idea of what Moment of Silence might have looked like on the Eurovision stage – I think you’ll agree, it would have been quite an epic performance!

Also, on the day of what would have been Romania’s first rehearsal, there was a singalong tribute of Moment of Silence in the press centre to show solidarity with Ovidiu. This can now be seen on Eurovision Ireland’s Twitter page (link below) The Periscope went out at 12:40 CET today.

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Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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