Eurovision 2016

Malta: A Review of “Walk on Water”


Malta took to the stage this afternoon for their first rehearsal. Walk on Water is a slick interpretation of their official video incorporating the elements of water and sunlight. Water was formed from the floor with rings of bright blue light surrounding Ira on stage.

Ira’s outer cloak was covered in golden and brown lighting. This brings the sunlight that was used in the official video was incorporated into the staging. Once these lighting effects have been used, there is a big reveal with the cloak been removed and a black dress is revealed. Whether the black dress is the final outfit, only time will tell.

The performance was vocally and visually smooth technically and incorporated the main elements from the official video. The rehearsal today shows why Ira Losco is a favourite for the Top 5.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture & Video: EBU

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  1. Molly Petersson Hammar and other backing vocalist help so much to Ira sound good . And why Malta change their choosen song Chameleon winner of their national final, and change song after that.

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