Eurovision 2016

RUSSIA : WATCH Russia’s FULL First Rehearsal at Eurovision Today


Russia’s Sergey Lazerev is the betting favourite to win Eurovision 2016. People are anticipating his performance.

Today he fell during one of his run throughs of ‘You Are The Only One’ READ HERE.

Now the full 3 minutes of his performance has found its way to YouTube.

Check it out!

What do you think? A winner?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall


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  1. Apart from the utterly, breathlessly, can’t-actually-believe-they-went-and-did-it-and-thought-nobody-would-call-them-out-on-it…-ly shameless ripping-off of Sweden’s interact-with-the-back-projection gimmick from last year, the song’s rubbish.

    (apologies for the explosion of hyphens in the above post 😉 )

  2. He will be in TOP 3 with televote thank to many ex soviet countries , plus countries who like Russia… but it wili be interesting to see how Russia will score with juries. If juries gave Russia points like in 2012, 2011 , chance for victory wili be ruin. I think that juries will masive push up in points this year France, and if France wili be in TOP 6 with juries France wili be the winer,

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