Have Today’s Rehearsals Changed the Betting Odds at Eurovision 2016?

Day 1 Rehearsals

We have had the first set of rehearsals in Stockholm today and social media have been ablaze with comments – including those from our own team. 

Have we seen a change in the betting odds then?

Surprisingly enough we have seen the odds on Russia winning drift slightly yet Sergey Lazarev still remains the favourite to win while at the same time the odds on France to win have shortened.

A lot of news was made of Sergey falling in one of his run throughs of his song yet when you see what he is doing on stage it is not surprising!

The only other country that saw a change in their odds today was that of Armenia. Right across the board the betting odds have shortened to 7th favourite.

Sweden – though not rehearsing – have seen their odds shorten and have come back into 3rd favourite.

Tomorrow sees Malta taking to the stage so all eyes will be on Ira Losco.

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Source : Odds Checker


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