Eurovision 2016

EBU Announces Changes to Voting System – What do you think of them?

Changes to voting

We all love a cryptic puzzle!

Yesterday the official Eurovision Twitter account got people talking. It simply read

So what were the changes that they were referring to?

The Judge and Public vote will be split out from now onwards.

So on the night it will be business as usual. The jury members will vote for their favourite songs and the public will do like wise.

Then the 43 spokespeople from across Europe will be called up and asked for the votes from their jury members only! The points from 1-10 will be on the screen and the spokesperson will announce their 12 points.

Once that is completed then the televoting points (1-12) from all countries across europe will be collected and aggregated . These then will be announced by the hosts of the show starting with the lowest through to the highest – thus hopefully making it more interesting and exciting for the viewer. Here is another video explaining the system.

It is somewhat similar in style to what happen at Melodifestivalen in Sweden each year.

The same system will be used in the Semi Finals but the viewer will only see the 10 countries selected randomly as normal.

All the breakdown of vote by countries will be available after the Grand Final on


There you have it. What do you think of the new voting system? Will it make the show more exciting? let us know?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I think after the winners in the past two years had already been known before all spokespeople had announced the results of their countries, this new system will indeed make watching the scores more interesting and suspenseful until the end, a audience and jury are often far apart. We already witnessed this at the Austrian national finals last Friday.

  2. This is perhaps the most preposterous and egregiously unneccessary change of format in the history of the event and I hate it more than I can put into words. The Eurovision I’ve known and loved since childhood is being eroded away, piece by piece, and soon nothing of its original spirit will remain… They may as well just change the name of the contest to EuroFestivalen and be done with it.

    • No John – The countries will call in their Jury votes only and then the broadcaster will send in their Public votes from 1-12 to the EBU separately and the host in Sweden Petra and Mans will announce the amalgamated tele votes

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