AUSTRALIA : Watch Dami Im’s FIRST live performance of her Eurovision Song ‘Sound of Silence’

Dami Im

What will Dami Im’s song ‘Sound of Silence’ sound live?

Well here is the answer. Dami Im’s first live performance of “Sound of Silence” took place just a short time ago at ‘Watergardens’ in Melbourne.

Dami introduces the song to the crowd and you can see just how passionate both she and the Aussies are for Eurovision. Find out more about Dami HERE

One would say ‘Game On’ and you better watch out Europe when Dami hits the stage in Stockholm.

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : YouTube

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  1. I think Dami Im is awesome. Few performers in the world can sing live like she can. Her performance was excellent and the crowd loved every minute of it 🙂

  2. Not even bad equipment can stop Dami, without a doubt she’ll impress the ESC audiences. #DamiArmy

  3. Somewhat disappointed in the chosen venue and lack of good technical support for this important debut… I hope EV fans realise they are only seeing amateur video clips shot from mobile phones.

    I was lucky to watch this on a live stream on my computer and was riveted to this amazing artist’s phenomenal performance, vocals and utterly genuine, open and honest persona. I know how incredibly different it is to hear Dami Im singing live and am even more convinced that Australia is going to make a huge impact on Eurovision this year. #DamiArmy loves Dami Im for the win!!

  4. Having now seen a number of different videos of Dami’s live performance it does seem that the venue was less than ideal with a lot of variance in recorded sound quality between them. So for a truly live and raw first time performance I think she was awesome! Also some of the comments around from people who were actually there are saying it was an amazing vocal performance of the song with some interesting changes to the ending – go Dami!

  5. Despite the obvious poor sound quality at the venue Dami’s vocals still prevailed. Her rendition was superb and gave goosebumps to the live audience. It was a simple event for the ever so humble Dami to reconnect with her #DamiArmy fans at the grass roots level to thank them. So no back up singers, no dancers and that video was recorded by a fan camera and not by an official cameraman so there’s no official video. In the real contest with all the elements factored in, that’s when you will see in full glory why she was chosen as Australia’s representative.

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