Eurovision 2016

Can Shazam predict the Winner of Eurovision 2016? The Top 43 Rankings

Shazam Top 43

Can Shazam predict the Winner of Eurovision 2016?

Shazam (if you didn’t know) is a mobile app that recognises music, TV and media around you. It’s a way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love – and it’s free on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Share your favourite discoveries with friends. Follow your favourite artists and find out what they’re listening to. Purchase tracks to own forever. Keep to the beat with built-in lyrics and listen to your heart’s content with a premium streaming subscription.

One of the world’s top ten apps, Shazam reaches more than 500 million users in 200 countries, exceeds 100 million monthly active users, and is growing by over 13 million new users each month.

Hey so we thought we would look at this year’s Eurovision songs and see how they are ranked on Shazam and it makes for interesting reading.


The 43 Songs of Eurovision 2016 Are Ranked As Follows


Shazam 1

The Top 6 are no surprise as these songs have either come from big selections like Sanremo for Italy and Melodifestivalen for Sweden. Germany and France have a large domestic music market and have 2 popular and well-known singers – like Russia.

Where it gets interesting is when you see Austria, Ukraine and Belarus ranking higher than the betting odds suggest.


Shazam 2

Even more worrying is that we see Nicky Byrne with his large following from his time in Westlife down in 27th place – which reflects where the current betting odds have him placed yet we expect to see that shorten once he gets closer to Eurovision.

Shazam 3

At the bottom we see Iceland and Malta – both of which are highly regarded with the betting odds. As the record sales/download for the songs at Eurovision will really only be an indicator of popularity when we get to Stockholm, Shazam is a smaller yet early indicator of where several countries currently are who will need to make sure that they make an impression on the stage in Globen!

Any of these placings surprise you?

A special thanks to Lambros Lambrianou who compiled the Shazam list – Kudos Sir.

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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  1. Are these based on the number of purchases or listens? I still use Shazam as a ‘what is that track called’ service – if I know what it is already, I don’t use Shazam!

    • Of course Russia will be up there and is one of the favourites. I have to remind you that most of the odds figures come from a country that have 144 million people. So do not pay too much attention to Russia.

  2. I think Nicky will place better than people are saying at the moment. Sunlight is a bright and cheerful song. I was surprised that the three top places are taken by the big 5 (not inc. UK :-() An interesting way to get a ranking, guys. Keep up the good work and send us videos if you can from one or more of the preparties. Best!

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