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POLL UPDATE : March 25th – Your Top 10 Countries from Semi Final 1 at Eurovision 2016

SF1 - March 25th Cover Photo

What countries will qualify from Semi Final 1 for the final at Eurovision 2016?

Our International poll has been open now for a week so who have you been voting for? As it stands the 10 countries that you predict will qualify from Semi Final 1 will be as follows


TOP 10


SF1 - Top 10 March 25th


Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus and Croatia are well ahead of the pack and have been since day one. Greece also doing very well which is against the betting odds at present but Greece is one of the countries that have qualified for the finals at Eurovision every year.


Missing Out On The Final

SF1 - Bottom 10 - March 25th

Malta’s Ira Losco misses out on the Grand Final along with hotly fancied Estonia and The Netherlands. Montenegro’s band Highway see themselves at the bottom of the table.

This poll will be open from now until the eve of Semi Final 1. You can select your 10 favourite songs and as the acts begin to promote their songs you may change your mind on how you think they will perform at the contest – so you can vote throughout the season. VOTE HERE

We will give you weekly updates on the progress of the songs.

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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