Eurovision 2016

MALTA : Ira Losco Changes her song for Eurovision – ‘Walk On Water’ #WOW

Walk on Water

Ira Losco is such a Goddess that she can literally ‘Walk On Water’

She teased us with #WOW last week and now the news is out. Ira Losco is truly the ‘Chameleon’ as she has announced that she will now sing ‘Walk On Water’ at Eurovision 2016.

The presentation will be made as part of TVM’s evening news broadcast at 20:00 on Thursday 17 March (St Patrick’s Day – Have a drink on us Ira)

On Friday, Ira will be part of Friday’s Xarabank show to present the new song.

Juries in 13 European countries, consisting of music industry professionals, listened to 10 songs (nine new compositions, plus “Chameleon”), along with Maltese music experts. “Walk on Water” was the overwhelming favourite to fly the Maltese flag at Eurovision 2016. 

The video for Ira’s new song was filmed last week and the location was the ‘Malta National Aquarium’, and across several locations in Gozo.

What are you expecting from ‘Walk On Water’? Did you like ‘Chameleon’?

Let us know!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : TVM

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