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SWEDEN : Melodifestivalen Finalists take to social media before the Grand Final

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Schlager, Wind Machines and Glitter at the ready!

Yes it’s the Grand Final of Melodifestivalen 2016 and the selection of the Swedish entrant to Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm.

So in the last hours before the battle to end all battles begins, what are the finalists sharing on social media?

Panetoz – Håll Om Mig Hårt

Panetoz have had a last-minute injury to one of the band members and have drafted in a substitute.

Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead

Eh Hello Lisa!!! Unless you haven’t read my previous mails – Robin is betrothed  to me and has been for some time! So no sharing a bed with him! ‘Hello from the other side’ of my restraining order I’m serving you!

David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

David Lindgren is getting in some last-minute exercise and walking to the Friends Arena – seriously!

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Nu kör vi! #weareyourtomorrow #melfest

A post shared by DAVID LINDGREN (@thedavidlindgren) on

He even gave us a map how…..thrilling :-/ Must be a Scandi thing!

Sahara – Kizunguzungu


Well she’s stuck in the social media desert seemingly and has no WIFI!


Oscar Zia – Human

Oscar is exploring other employment options if Melodifestivalen doesn’t work out for him!

However it looks like he has been on the campaign trail and secured 2 extra votes! Oh wait is that Samir and Viktor?

Ace Wilder – Don’t Worry

Ladies Night – Oh What A Night!

She even had the time to do the humming challenge – a sport that is being introduced to this year’s Rio Olympics!

Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Prize

Carpool Karaoke or has Robin signed up to be one of the testers of the hands free driving cars by Volvo?

And then it’s Flesh Fest time! We thank you Robin!

Molly Sanden – Youniverse

Molly is finalising her make-up for the big night. Vast improvement from your heat! You can clearly see your cheekbones now darling.
Boris Rene – Put Your Love On Me

Does my bum look big in this?

Then it’s time for the Marilyn Manson moment – ‘The Beautiful People’

Frans – If I were Sorry
Seemingly he likes a Cock-or-two (Joke peeps before you all get on your high horse!)

Hanging out with the wrong crowd!!!!
Wiktoria – Save Me
We all like a good BEAR to snuggle up to!

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Jag snodde nallen!😱😁😍 #mello

A post shared by W I K T O R I A (@wiktoriajohansson) on

Last few hours canvassing is always wise!
Samir & Viktor – Bada Nakna
This is how we feel about their singing too

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Haha, söta 😂😂

A post shared by Samir & Viktor (@samirsochviktors) on

Did you drop the soap? I’m not picking it up this time!

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😍😍 Tro ni dom tar sig till final?

A post shared by Samir & Viktor (@samirsochviktors) on


So how will the votes go? Well POPLIGHT – One of Sweden’s most read Eurovision sites surveyed 11 International websites for their scores – including ourselves here at Eurovision Ireland – and you can see what the results were HERE

We will have our LIVE Blog up tonight and you will be in the capable and lush hands of Lisa-Jayne and we will also be live on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE

If that wasn’t enough for you – Here is our blog of the LAST REHEARSAL before tonight’s show HERE LIVE

The rehearsal has STARTED!!!!



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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