Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : What happened in the Final rehearsal of Melodifestivalen today?

Good Afternoon Europe and this is the rolling blog for the final dress rehearsal of Melodifestivalen 2016. Later on, I’ll provide you the link for the LIVE BLOG for the final – which I’m very lucky to be attending for the sixth time.

Nu Kor Vi!!!/Here We Go!!!

We start with what made Gina Diwari and William Spitz famous – their YouTube videos. After a small introduction, we are introduced to tonight’s line up.

1 Panetoz – Hall om mig hart

The energy is certainly still there after Thursday’s rehearsals. They are suited and booted in Grey for the final. The performance ends in some pyrotechnics – no sign of the confetti from Thursday – maybe this is been saved for tonight.

2 Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead

Nothing has changed from Thursday for this performance. You’ll be greeted by Lisa Ajax in a sparkly Silver sequined number. For a first year at Melodifestivalen, she has done well, but this doesn’t have enough gusto to win tonight.

3 David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

David wears the same black jacket-t shirt-trouser combo as he did in the semi final back in Malmo. Nothing has changed from the rehearsals on Thursday and it comes across really well on screen.

4 SaRaha – Kizunguzungu

SaRaha and her backing dancers are dressed in clothes with tribal patterns. Another performance that hasn’t from Thursday and one I can’t see been a challenge tonight neither.

5 Oscar Zia – Human

Dressed all in black, Oscar comes across really well in the dark and eerie setting on the television. I talked about him expressing his emotions on Thursday and these also come across well on screen.

6 Ace Wilder – Don’t Worry

Same outfit from the semi final in Gothenburg and exactly the same routine – why change something if it will make it worse?

*** Lynda Woodruff Alert ***

7 Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Prize

Same outfit as his semi final and no change in routine from Thursday. This is supposed to be second favourite here in Sweden, I just can’t see how he can achieve this – although he doesn’t look as lost on stage when watching via a television screen like he did when I was watching him in the arena on Thursday.

8 Molly Sanden – Youniverse

There is talk in some circles here in Stockholm that this could be a surprise last place. Others deserved to qualify ahead of this. I’ll let you decide.

9 Boris Rene – Put Your Love On Me

I know on Thursday, I said this was the song I couldn’t remember and to be fair, I’m still thinking the same as I came into this afternoon’s rehearsal. However, this is the sort of entry that was missing from the UK national final a few weeks back – and we could’ve done very well with it! Sadly though, I can’t see Boris getting far with this.

10 Frans – If I Were Sorry

I hold a question mark over what he is singing in now is what he will be wearing tonight. I only state this because a costume was brought out and placed in front of him on Thursday. It’s a lot smarter than the scruffy look I’m witnessing now. This is the favourite going into tonight.

11 Wiktoria – Save Me

The graphics used during Wiktoria’s performance may have changed from the semi final but seem to be a lot more vibrant and effective on screen for the final – something I didn’t witness during the rehearsals in the arena on Thursday.

12 Samir & Viktor – Bada nakna

When you watch this tonight and see two young lads strip and get wet, it actually has a cultural reference – in other wards, this isn’t purely for our enjoyment. The teenage girls will be going for this one.

Remember, tonight the International Juries come from: Australia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia. For the first time in many years, there won’t be a Jury from the United Kingdom.

To avoid spoiling everyone’s enjoyment, I won’t be revealing anything about the Interval Acts – they are something very special, I promise!!!

Tonight’s Rolling Blog


Tonight’s LIVE BLOG from Eurovision Ireland for the Melodifestivalen final can be found HERE. Details of how to watch the final, can also be found through the link.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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