AUSTRALIA : Watch LIVE as Conchita reveals the Aussie Act for Eurovision 2016

Conchita and Courtney

Australia is inviting you to tune in to watch Conchita reveal their Act for Eurovision 2016 – and you can watch LIVE HERE

SBS are pulling out all the stops to bring Australia closer to Europe. They will reveal their act for Stockholm at the Conchita : Love From Vienna concert at the Sydney Opera House.

You can watch LIVE on the Facebook Stream HERE  at approximately 9:40PM AEDT (10:40 GMT) Thursday 3rd March. NOTE you must RSVP the Event on FACEBOOK HERE – Our advice is to tune in early!

Some pictures of the preparations

Conchita spoke of the Safe Schools Programme in Australia that is seeking to protect children who are being bullied at school due to their sexual orientation – Check out the video HERE


Who do you think will be announced as representing Australia at Eurovision? Might it be Dami Im?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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