MOLDOVA: Find out who qualified from tonight’s Second Semi Final!


second quali

Moldova continued with their preparations for selecting a Eurovision contestant tonight with the 2nd Semi Final of Melodie Pentru Europa 2016!

This year’s selection comprised of 2 semi finals, each with 12 acts. From both semi finals, 7 songs were selected from a mixture of Public Televote and an Expert Jury to progress to Saturday night’s grand final. If you watched our LIVE BLOG then you already know the first 7 qualifiers.

Interestingly, an 8th qualifier will also be selected from the remaining non-qualifiers by another Public Televote, the result of which will be announced during a post semi-final discussion show – exciting!

Here are the results from both the Expert Jury and the Public Televote:


Remember! All is not lost for those who didn’t qualify, as an 8th qualifier will be chosen later from acts that didn’t pass to the final! Stay tuned to find out who!

UPDATE: After another round of televoting, the Moldovan public have decided that Felicia Dunaf (who originally came 8th anyway!) should join the other 7 finalists on Saturday night. Congratulations Felicia!


So now we know all the contenders for Saturday’s final! What do you think? Did the right acts qualify? Do you think Moldova’s first-ever Eurovision winner could be amongst them?

Author: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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