ARMENIA : Video teaser of Iveta Mukuchyan’s Eurovision entry ‘LoveWave’

Love Wave Teaser

Armenia are going big from the looks of it!

Iveta Mukuchyan was internally selected to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2016. It has now been announced that her song will be called ‘LoveWave’ and no I haven’t missed a spacing between Love and Wave! That is how the cool kids do it these days!

Iveta has released a video teas from the song’s video today and the song will be premiered on March 2nd. According to the singer

“It is entirely based on the singer’s inner world, feelings and emotions concentrated on a second wave of love that can change a man in his life, just as the first wave of a `Love Wave – Earthquake”

The video features the Swedish Actor and Model Ben Dahlhausn – Well hello Ben!

As for the song credits – Music: Lilith Navasardyan / Levon Nsvasardyan and the Lyrics: Iveta Mukuchyan / Stephanie Crutchfield.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Iveta Mukuchyan Facebook


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