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SWEDEN : SVT release clips from songs in Heat 4 of Melodifestivalen following Molly Sanden’s Amazon error

MF Heat 4

SVT want you to enjoy all of Heat 4 before we have Heat 3

Last night Molly Sanden’s Melodifestivalen song ‘YOUniverse’ was previewed on Amazon by accident in its pre-sale section.

Sanden is not scheduled to perform until next week at Melodifestivalen, so in the interest of fairness, all the acts in Heat 4 will have 30 seconds of their songs aired on the Melodifestivalen website for 24 hours.

It was deemed that the clip of Sanden’s song being on-line was a mistake and not a deliberate effort by the Music label or artist to gain an advantage.


The Heat 4 Songs Are Here to Listen to Now


Eclipses – “Runaways” – Listen HERE

Dolly Styles – “Rollercoaster” – Listen HERE

Martin Stenmarcks – “Du tar mig tillbaks” – Listen HERE

Linda Bengtzings – “Killer Girl” – Listen HERE

Frans – “If I Were Sorry” – Listen HERE

Panetoz – “Håll om mighårt” – Listen HERE

Molly Sanden – “YOUniverse” – Listen HERE


The links will be up for only 24 hours so that means you have until 17:00 CET on Wednesday 17th of February to listen to them.


Any winners there in the mix for you?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT 

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