Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016 Stage Design Revealed – Do you like it?

Stage 1

What stage will Nicky Byrne, Barei, Zoe and 40 other artists be performing on in Stockholm? Here is your answer!

SVT have just released the first details and pictures of what the stage will look like at Eurovision 2016.

You can even watch a short VIDEO HERE

Viktor Brattström the set designer says “We want to test the boundaries and do something that makes people wonder how that’s even possible. We have a strong expression but is also flexible when the scene fit for 43 different grants, says for Eurovision.”

Stage 2

SVT want to create depth in their stage design

“The aim is to allow the spot light become a light that also forms new rooms” says production designer Frida Arvidsson.


The massive LED wall used on the stage can be split and can be more flexible than a stationary wall of such nature

The floor itself will also be a focal part of the show where it will allow for dynamic lighting to be used to create the look and feel for each performance.


Sven Stojanovic (Shoe Producer) is very impressed with the details of the stage design saying


“It’s a terrific-looking scene, and something we have not seen before. In a way gives us the stage almost unlimited possibilities, while it forces us into new ways of thinking.Creatively, it is both challenging and inspiring”

So what do you think of the stage? Is it what you expected? Is it what you wanted?

Let us know. Comment Below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT


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