Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : Video of Nicky Byrne’s First Live Performance of ‘Sunlight’ – What you think?

Nicky Live

‘Dance like you mean it, Sing Like you feel it’

Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2016. He gave his first live performance of his song ‘Sunlight’ on ‘The Ray D’Arcy Show’. Missed it? Fear not. Here is the video.

Nicky also gave Ray an interview where he spoke of how the song ‘Sunlight’ came to be, how it feels to be singing without the guys from Westlife and what Louis Walsh thinks of the song.

Again if you missed it fear not- I’m spoiling you! Here is the link to the full show HERE 

So tell us what you thought of Nicky’s first performance of ‘Sunlight’? Is it what you expected? What did you think of the staging?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE

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      • I’m surprised that a performer of his calibre seemed so nervous. I know it was his first live performance and it’s his first time singing solo, but he did say he had been rehearsing for the past few weeks, so he should have been able to nail it no problem. It just looked so static. I agree that the coloured lights during the chorus are way to distracting. After listening to the studio version a few times I thought this would have no problem making the final, but after Saturday nights performance this will have to improve 100% to make it.

  1. I like the staging with a band instead of the obvious choice of going with dancers. The band makes it seem more original and distances it from comparisons to last year’s winners. I don’t like all the flashing lights with the chorus. It is distracting. I like the thin blue lighting at the start. I’d like to see Nicky command the stage more and move around.

    • Good points. The stage was very small – he had the space of a kids paddling pool to move aboput in but I get what you are saying. Seeing the Eurovision stage design released today – how do you think it could look in Stockholm?

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