Eurovision 2015

ROMANIA : Mihai Releases ‘Paradisio’ Plot Line For Eurovision Selection

Mihai Gilactic

ROMANIA – As we await news from Romania as to their Eurovision 2016 selection (SEE HERE) we have just gone ‘Galactic’ with Mihai!

The singer has ‘Paradisio’ ready to go for his Eurovision bid for 2016. He has been teasing us with photos from the video shoot.

However Mihai has taken to social media to reveal the plot of the song and video. Are you strapped in? Got your space suit on? Beam me up Scotty!

“#‎Paradisio‬ | 2000 years after The BIG CRUSH, the WORLD has radically CHANGED. War, starvation, hate, disease have destroyed humanity. However … 10 million light years away, there is a place were LOVE, PEACE and LIBERTY make the LAW. That is the place where PARADISIO lives, a supernatural being who gives LIFE and HOPE. Our story begins with MIHAI, a great SUPERHERO of the PLANET eMenTi 8. He has gone on a travel adventure through the UNIVERSE in search of … HAPPINESS!”

This Eurovision bid just gets better by the minute!

Want to see more pictures from Mihai’s video shoot for ‘Paradisio’? Then just CLICK HERE

What do you think of the plot line for the song and video? Talk about a #StarSearch!

leave your comment below!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source : Eurovision Ireland

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