Eurovision 2015

ROMANIA : Interview With First Known Applicant For Eurovision Selection – Ramona Nerra

Ramona Nerra on Stage

ROMANIA : It’s that time again when we are really excited to hear news about Selectia Nationala and we are happy to share with you our latest interview with the talented and beautiful Ramona Nerra (former participant on The Voice of Germany and featured voice of ATB’s single “Never Give up”)

Ramona tried last year too to enter the Romanian national selection but unfortunately her song narrowly missed out in the cut for the final. This year she has a beautiful song entitled “My heart is still winning”. Initially the song was entered into the Swiss selection for this year, but to our surprise it was not chosen. How dare the Swiss do that! Now she is entering the song in her beloved former home-country, Romania.

Ramona Nerra
We caught up with Ramona and she gave us the inside scoop on her potential entry with our Romanian correspondent Bogdan.

Bogdan : Can you tell me how the song “My heart is still winning” came to be?

Ramona: “My heart is still winning” was composed by Mihai Alexandru (Composer of “Don’t break My heart” – Romania 2003) especially for Eurovision. Our collaboration began after my voice was recommended by Sasha Dan Mihai (admin of Group Eurovision Romania) whom I thank so much! He had a wonderful idea! So I got to work with Mihai, a great composer who put a lot of emotion into the music. And together we have created a love song that has everything you need for a competition of this size and importance.

Bogdan : What do you think are the chances of this song, given that in the final there’s only going to be only televoting?

Ramona: I find this selection a welcome change. Why not? The public is often right. They are the final consumers. Still, the jury will be present in the final. And certainly their reactions or comments will influence the public vote. Hopefully for the best! Mihai and I believe a lot in this song! And we are convinced that the public will think the same if they have the opportunity to hear it played live.

Ramona stage

Remember that not all songs that are beautifully recorded, have the same power when you present them live. I tested this here in Germany. I sang with a band “My heart is still winning” at a concert of mine and it sounded fantastic. Otherwise we hope that fans of this song to be stronger and to shout louder. If I look well at last year’s Eurovision selection, Romanian representatives were only singers / bands already known. And there is need for a change! It needs fresh air! Don’t you think so?

Bogdan : What message would you like to send to the European readers of  Eurovision Ireland?

Ramona: First, I want to thank the Eurovision Ireland fans! You have supported me from the beginning. Even on my first attempt last year . I wish to them a wonderful year! With much thanks my dreams are coming true! I would be very happy if our song would be among their favorites this year! Have fun everyone! Love Ramona xxx


Thanks to Ramona for speaking to us here at Eurovision Ireland and we wish her luck in Selectia Nationala.

Let us know what you think of Ramona’s song ‘My Heart is Still Winning’. Isn’t it about time that TVR let her perform in the national selection? We think so!

Leave us your thoughts.


Author : Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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